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Autumn 1

Spelling sentences 23.9.22 Test 30.9.22

I carried my bag and hopped, skipped and jumped into school.

She stopped laughing but carried on smiling.

They cheered and patted me on the back when I rescued the injured bird.


Spelling sentences 30.9.22 Test 7.10.22

Our gardener mowed the grass at the beginning of the week.

My teacher kept forgetting to write the date so we offered to help.

The owl’s eyes were focused on the mouse hiding in the leaves.


Spelling sentences 7.10.22 Test 14.10.22

Do you like eating cherries, oranges or peaches?

Radishes, tomatoes and peppers are in my favourite salad.

Strawberries and mangoes are often packaged in boxes.



Spelling sentences 14.10.22  Test 21.10.22

We’ll brush our teeth every day so they don’t decay.

You shouldn’t eat too many lollies or you’ll damage your teeth.

We’ve eaten five portions of fruit and vegetables but they didn’t.