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Autumn 1

Spelling sentences 11.9.20  Test 18.9.20

There are two hundred and six bones in your body.

Joints and muscles allow our bodies to move.

The human skeleton protects the organs.


Spelling sentences 18.9.20  Test 25.9.20 

Jumping, running and walking are good ways to get fitter. 

I am hoping my bones are not broken after tripping over. 

When muscles get shorter, they also get fatter and harder. 


Spelling sentences 25.9.20   Test 2.10.20

I carried my bag into school and hopped, skipped and jumped around the playground.

Although everyone else had stopped, I continued laughing. 

 The class cheered and patted me on the back when I rescued the injured bird.

Spelling sentences 2.10.20  Test 9.10.20

Do you like eating cherries, oranges or peaches?

My favourite salad contains radishes, tomatoes and celery.

Strawberries and raspberries are often packaged in plastic boxes.


Spelling sentences 9.10.20 Test 16.10.20

Many donkeys, calves and ponies lived on the farm.

I put my brushes on the shelves after I painted the churches.        `     

Foxes, wolves and lions have sharp teeth for cutting and tearing meat.

Spelling sentences 16.10.20  Test 23.10.20

We’ll brush our teeth every day so they don’t decay.

You shouldn’t eat too many lollies and sweets or you’ll damage your teeth.

We’ve eaten five portions of fruit and vegetables each day but they haven’t.