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Autumn 2

Spelling sentences  6.11.20  Test 13.11.20

They’re playing football with their friends over there.

A hat and scarf are two things you need to wear to avoid getting too cold.

We climbed four mountain peaks to raise money for charity.


Spelling sentences 13.11.20   Test 20.11.20

I knew he would break the brake on his new bike.

 We missed the view from the summit because of the mist.

“You’re going on your most challenging adventure yet,” she explained.

Spelling sentences 20.11.20 Test 27.11.20

Please come over here when you hear the bell ringing.

Where is your new coat? You’re going to need to wear it.

Our son and his friend played outside for over an hour in the sun.

Spelling sentences 27.11.20 Test 4.12.20

I knew I threw my new ball too hard because it went through the window.

You’re not allowed to read your list of words aloud.

By Saturday, we need to buy four bags of flour for my salt dough flower models.


 Spelling sentences 4.12.20 Test 11.12.20

We’re getting two boxes of cherries, peaches and mangoes for our lunch.

They’re putting the four little puppies in their new baskets.

 You shouldn’t go running straight after eating those lollies or you’ll be ill.