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Friday 1st October

Happy Fishy Friday Class Four!

I hope you are all well and still enjoying working through the home learning tasks. It's almost the weekend now, so keep working hard on today's tasks and then make sure you get a good break over the weekend so you are ready to return to your learning on Monday. Hopefully some more of you will be back then.

There is no silent writing planning this weekend. We've had another unsettled week in class with children working from home and in school and returning after being off, so I think it's important you all get a proper rest over the weekend and we can plan during our English session on Monday smiley

Have a lovely weekend,

Love Miss Olver x

Spelling Test

On Friday, we always do our spelling test in class. Ask a grown up if they can read the sentence out loud slowly for you as you write it. Then check to see how you have got on. Good luck!


On Fridays, we often do something different in Maths. Today, I have written some word problems based on The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me for you to solve. Make sure you read through the problems carefully. Think about which operation is needed and which strategy you can use to solve. Remember that worded problems should have a worded answer!

I've included my workings and answers so you can check your work.

Spellings and Handwriting

This week we are going to be continuing with our work on adding the suffix -ing. Here are your spelling sentences for your test next Friday. Have a look through to familiarise yourself with them and particularly focus on where there are words ending in -ing.

Now work through the handwriting sheet below to help you start practising this week's spellings - it's just like the ones I make for you each week in class. Write out the -ing words as many times as you can on the line. Then copy out the sentence in the space underneath. Make sure you join your letters and that each letter is the correct size.


On Fridays, we always have a PE session in class. At home, you might like to do one of the PE with Joe workouts from the lockdown period - if you search for 'YouTube PE with Joe', then lots of these come up and you can choose one to do.

You might want to have a go at some Pilates as we've been doing this at school over the past few weeks. I've put the link to the music I always use below and you can see if you can remember the moves we have learnt (breathing, calf raises, Pilates squats, sit ups, roll downs, arm circles, balancing, plank...).

Or you might have some other PE activities you would like to do at home, perhaps there is an activity you can do in your garden?

I don't mind what activity you do as long as you are moving!