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Home Learning 18/02/22

Happy Friday Class Four!

I would say happy fishy Friday as we normally have all fish options for our lunches at school on a Friday, but I'm not sure what you will be having at home.

As you know, Mr Woolley has had to shut school today because of the storm. It was quite quiet when I woke up, but I can hear the wind picking up now so I will be staying inside. I had to have a long chat with Flash this morning about why we couldn't go out for a walk. At first he was very disappointed, but he seems to be over it now!

I've put a couple activities on the page for today if you want to work through them.

Hope you all have a lovely half term - you all deserve a break after such a busy few weeks. You've worked so hard this half term and done some amazing learning. I was very proud of you all yesterday at the Science Fair.

See you all on Tuesday 1st March refreshed and ready for our new topic - don't forget it's the boys football competition that day so bring your kit!

Love Miss Olver x

These boys don't seem too worried about having to stay home with me for the day!


In Maths this week, we have been revising how to calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles and squares.

We know that perimeter is the distance around the outside of the shape. We calculate this by adding the lengths of all the sides together.

We know that area is the amount of space inside a 2D shape. We calculate this by multiplying the length by the width.

The worksheet below will help you practise calculating the perimeter and area of 2D shapes. Page 1 revises work we have done in class this week. There is one mistake on Q8, it should say 24cm, not cmas it's a perimeter measurement not an area measurement. The sheet is interactive so you can type on it and use the drop down menu. Or you can print it off and write on it like a normal worksheet.

Page 2 is an extension - you will need to think carefully about how you can work out the lengths of the sides which do not have measurements on and how you can break the shapes up into rectangles to work out the area. We haven't done this in class yet, so have a try, but please do not worry if you find it tricky, we will work on it in class together later this year.

Spelling Test

We always do our spelling test on a Friday. Hopefully you have been practising hard throughout the week.

Ask an adult if they can read out the sentence(s) for you like I do in class. If you make any mistakes, practise writing the word out a few times to help you remember it or you could make a spelling pyramid.


On Friday afternoons, we always do PE with our sports coach. I know you probably won't be able to go outside today, but you could still find a way to exercise inside. The PE with Joe workouts are still available online if you search for them on YouTube. Or you could find some relaxing music and do your own Pilates workout. Or I know lots of you are part of sports clubs outside of school, perhaps there are some moves you could practise or some online lessons you could work on for that.

As long as you are getting your body moving, then that's great.

Pilates Music

Shared Reading

We always finish our Fridays by reading with Class One. I know that this is one of your favourite parts of the week.

It would be lovely if you could do some shared reading today. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you have a younger sibling, you could read to them or ask them to read to you.
  • Read to your parents.
  • Phone a family member - perhaps your grandparents or an auntie or uncle and read to them. You could do this on the phone or via Facetime, I'm sure it would brighten their day.
  • Phone a friend - it could be someone from school or a friend from outside school. Lots of schools are shut today across the whole country, so it's likely they are stuck at home today too.
  • If none of these work, just enjoy some reading time on your own. You could read quietly to yourself or find an audiobook to listen to. I'm listening to Alice in Wonderland at the moment in the car when I'm driving places, there's a free full audiobook available on YouTube if you're interested.


Alice in Wonderland Full Audiobook


Finally, I always find days where I am stuck inside tricky. You all know how much I love being outside - walking, running, cycling, doing jobs in the garden... When I know I have to stay inside all day, I sometimes struggle to know what to do. One of the things I really love is colouring. I can put some quiet music on and just have some time to myself quietly doing something I like. So I've put some mindfulness colouring below in case you want to just take some quiet time for you. Enjoy!