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Spring 1

Spellings 21.1.22 Test 28.1.22

In the future, we will paint a picture of the strange creature.

In literature, many adventure stories feature an escape from danger.

The miniature sculpture had an unusual texture.


Spelling sentences 28.1.22 Test 4.1.22

I will measure the size of the box of treasure.

We read about the closure of the leisure centre with displeasure.

Please check the tyre pressure of the cars in the enclosure.


Spelling sentences 4.2.22   Test 11.2.22

We slowly but bravely climbed the terribly steep slope.

She used the spade confidently while he dug feebly.

They will possibly answer politely if they’re asked nicely.


Spelling sentences 11.2.22 Test 18.2.22

It was raining heavily but the team won easily.

I smile happily when everyone is working busily.

Unless I eat healthily, she treats me bossily.