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Spring 2

Spelling sentences 26.2.21 Test 5.3.21


I dislike this report as it’s basically incorrect.

Unfortunately, he discovered his son was dishonest.

The children watched enthusiastically as he magically made the rabbit disappear.


Spelling sentences 5.3.21 Test 12.3.21

The unusual chocolate factory was incredible.

Charlie inaccurately thought it was impossible to find the last golden ticket.

Unfortunately, Violet was an impolite girl who was incapable of being kind.


Spelling sentences 12.3.21 Test 19.3.21

This week, I need to redo my homework and rewrite my spellings.

We request that you reduce, reuse or recycle your rubbish.

When I returned, I discovered that the local supermarket had been redecorated.


Spelling sentences 19.3.21 Test 26.3.21

The substandard bridge became partly submerged in the river.

“Have you added subheadings to your fact page?” our teacher asked.

When the submarine returned to international waters, it required help.