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Spring 2

Spelling sentences 25.3.22 Test 1.4.22

An irregular triangle has unequal length sides.

If you’re impatient, it’s impossible to wait.

It’s irresponsible to irritate your independent sister.

Spelling sentences 18.3.22 Test 25.3.22

I will revisit the superstore to buy a new bicycle.

I need to rebuild the shed, rearrange my things and rewrite a letter.

To help protect the planet, we should reduce, reuse or recycle our rubbish.

Spelling sentences 11.3.22   Test   18.3.22

Our parents will be unhappy if we misbehave when we’re unwell.

The bulb is unlit because the circuit is disconnected.

If you’re unable to switch on the lights, I’ll be upset as I dislike the dark.

Spelling sentences 4.3.22  Test 11.3.22

He ran athletically but tragically didn’t win the race.

After eventually escaping, they ran away frantically.

Because the slope was terribly icy, the climber accidentally slipped.