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Summer 1

Spelling sentences  21.4.23 Test 28.4.23

They asked for forgiveness after breaking the beautiful vase.

 We were full of happiness when the party was successful.

Because he was forgetful, he couldn’t remember where he put his keys.

Spelling sentences 28.4.23 Test  5.5.23

One night, a dangerous storm caused serious damage.

When the curious king opened the door, he saw an enormous dragon.

As he grew up, the prince became jealous of his glamorous, humorous sister.


Spelling sentences 5.5.23 Test  12.5.23

Spelling rules for the suffix  -ous

If the root word ends in y                         remove  y add i

If the root word ends in our   remove our add or

If the root word ends in e        remove the e

If the root word ends in ge                      just add ous

Many root words just add -ous

Sometimes there is no root word

 Some plants are delicious, others are poisonous.

Cautiously, the anxious child walked into an enormous cave.

When she completed her challenge, the courageous explorer was joyous.

Spelling sentences 12.5.23   Test 17.5.23

Words ending in –tion

If the root word ends in t, remove the t and add –tion   act – action

If the root word ends in e remove the e and add –tion   create – creation

Some words have no root word eg fiction  condition 

Spelling rule:  add –sion

If the root word ends in ss remove one s and add –sion eg discuss – discussion

If the root word ends in de, remove the de and add –sion eg collide – collision

If the root word ends in e, remove the e add -sion eg tense – tension

If the root word ends in d, remove the d add –sion eg comprehend- comprehension

Did I mention that there are different dinner options?

Put the digits in the correct position when doing a division calculation.

Without hesitation, the soldier leapt into action after the explosion.