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Summer 1

Spelling sentences 23.4.21 Test  30.4.21

One night, a dangerous storm caused serious damage.

When the curious king opened the door, he saw an enormous dragon.

As he grew up, the prince became jealous of his glamorous, humorous sister.

Spelling sentences 30.4.21   Test 7.5.21

Various plants grow in mountainous areas.

Charles Darwin is a famous scientist who was curious about living things.

It can be dangerous to eat berries as it’s not always obvious if they’re poisonous.

Spelling sentences 7.5.21 Test 14.5.21

Without hesitation, the soldier leapt into action after the explosion.

“Do I need an injection?” the woman questioned the physician.

In confusion, the magician went in another direction after the collision.  


Spelling sentences 14.5.21 Test 21.5.21

Did I mention that there are many different options for lunch today?

We must put the digits in the correct position when doing a division calculation.

Please write your conclusion when you have finished the comprehension questions.

Spelling sentences 24.5.21  Test 28.5.21

The witch made the decision to make a poisonous potion.

A cautious mathematician hiked through the mountainous area.

The curious child asked lots of questions about the magician’s new invention.