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Summer 2

Spelling sentences 10.6.22 Test 17.6.22

Words ending in –tion

If the root word ends in t, remove the t and add –tion   act – action

If the root word ends in e remove the e and add –tion   create – creation

Some words have no root word eg fiction  condition 

Which direction is the town’s station?

He asked the doctor a question about baby’s injection.

We made a suggestion about the location of the artist’s creation.


Spelling sentences  17.6.22   Test 24.6.22

Spelling rule:  add –sion

If the root word ends in ss remove one s and add –sion eg discuss – discussion

If the root word ends in de, remove the de and add –sion eg collide – collision

If the root word ends in e, remove the e add -sion eg tense – tension

If the root word ends in d, remove the d add –sion eg comprehend- comprehension

They had supervision to plan their new extension.

Sometimes, a difficult decision is made to avoid confusion.

Please get permission to take your possessions into the museum.