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Summer 2

Spelling sentences 7.6.24 Test 14.6.24

Focus suffixes -tion -sion -cian

When I’m older, I’d like to be an electrician, a magician or a musician.

After writing her conclusion., she finished her comprehension questions.

 As a precaution, the physician gave the lady another injection.


Spelling sentences 14.6.24 Test 21.6.24

Spelling focus

Words with k sound spelt ch eg chorus 

There was an echo after the boat dropped the anchor.

The school choir and orchestra performed the chorus.

Christopher had stomach ache in his chemistry lesson.



Spelling sentences 21.6.24 Test 28.6.24

sh phoneme spelt ch 

The new chef made a special quiche for everyone.

Earlier today, we ordered another machine from the brochure.

The man with a moustache jumped out of the plane with a parachute.   

Spelling sentences 28.6.24 Test 5.7.24

Words with -que   -gue

There’s a unique dome on the top of the mosque.

The children in the football league played with excellent technique.

When he told me to find the antique vase in the catalogue,

he was a little vague.

Spelling sentences 5.7.24 Test 12.7.24

S phoneme spelt sc

The scientist studied muscles and bones.

He cut out a crescent shape using sharp scissors.

As we ascended the hill, we were fascinated by the stunning scenery.