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Tuesday 28th September

Good Morning Class Four.

I hope that those of you learning from home are still enjoying working through the tasks set. We are really missing you in class but it's lovely that some of you have been emailing in your work for me to see. 

Keep working hard. Hopefully it won't be long now before we are all back in school together.

Love Miss Olver x



Today you are going to be carrying on with your work on rounding from yesterday. Continue watching the video from where you got up to yesterday (06:10) and then work through the rest of the worksheet. Remember to check your work using the answer sheet below.

If you would like some extra practise at rounding numbers, have a go at the challenge questions below. I've attached answers so you can check your work.


Hopefully you enjoyed planning the next bit of the story for The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me yesterday. There will need to be some dialogue (speech) between the Pelly and the Duke in the part you are writing. So today, I would like you to revise how we write speech so you are confident at this skill before you complete your silent writing task tomorrow.

Look at the text extract below which contains part of the conversation held between the Giraffe and the Duke.

What do you notice about the way speech is written?

How is punctuation used?

How are new lines used?

Hopefully you spotted some of these things:

  • Speech is written inside speech marks - also known as inverted commas " ".
  • Inverted commas always come in pairs.
  • The first inverted comma goes before the first word of speech and the second inverted comma goes after the last word of speech.
  • There is always a piece of punctuation inside the speech before the final inverted comma. This might be a ! if someone is shouting or exclaiming, a ? if they are asking a question, a ... if they haven't quite finished talking, or a ,
  • Whenever a new person starts talking, their speech is written on a new line.

Look at the extract below which has the conversation between the Monkey and the Duke.

Have a go at rewriting the extract with all the punctuation it needs and remembering to start each new speaker on a new line.

I've included a correct version so you can check your work.


In our RE work this half term, we are learning about the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In our last RE lesson in class, we learnt about who Muhammad was and why he is so important to Muslims.

The Night Journey is a very important story for Muslims about Muhammad. We are going to be reading this story over the next few weeks. Today, I would like you to read the opening of the story. Then I would like you to draw a picture of a scene from this extract and write a caption to go with it. 

The Ka'aba (where the story is set) is the most sacred Islamic place on Earth - it is in the mosque called Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where Muslims go on their pilgrimage.


In class, we were learning the French song 'J'aime les fruits' which we had hoped to perform at the Harvest Service which we unfortunately had to cancel.

Click on the link below and try to join in with the song.

Now match up the names of the fruits in French with the correct images on the sheet below. I've included an answer sheet so you can check your work.