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Wednesday 22nd September

Good Morning Class Four,

It was a very strange day yesterday where some of you were not in class. I hope you managed to find the home learning page and enjoyed working through the activities set. Remember that you can email through any work you have completed for me to see at the normal email:

I hope you enjoy your learning today. You have a lovely art lesson from Mrs Soley to do this afternoon smiley

Have a great day,

Love Miss Olver x


On a Wednesday, we always start the morning with our times tables tests. Click on the link below to find the test you need and then give yourself 6 minutes to work through. There are answers available on the link so you can check your work.

Today, you are going to be carrying on with the work you were doing yesterday on comparing and ordering numbers.

Year 5 - Continue watching the White Rose Maths video from where you got to yesterday (06:34). Then work through Page 2 of the worksheet.

Year 6 - Continue watching the White Rose Maths video from where you got to yesterday (06:13). Then work through Page 2 of the worksheet.

Year 5 and 6 - If you want some extra practice at comparing and ordering numbers, have a go at the extension task below. I've included answers so you can check your work.


Yesterday, you looked at some examples of recipes and thought about the key features of this text type and the way they are organised and structured. Hopefully you also started writing the title, ingredients and equipment list.

Today, I would like you to finish writing your recipe. Think about:

- The method. Remember to write the instructions in order. You need to use imperative (bossy) verbs, such as chop, cut, peel. You might also want to use some time conjunctions, such as first, next, then.

- Alternatives. Is there anything the user could use instead if they don't have one of the ingredients/pieces of equipment?

- Facts. In class, many children said they really liked the interesting facts about the stir fry ingredients. Could you add a fun fact about one of the pieces of fruit in your smoothie to engage your reader?

- Extra information. For example, how long it will take to make, how many people it will serve, how easy it is to make.


If you have time, remember to go back through your work and check and edit. Make sure you have the punctuation you need, that sentences make sense and that words are spelt correctly. 

One really good way to check a recipe is written clearly is to give it to someone else to use. Perhaps you could give it to a member of your family to make? You could even send a copy/photo to a friend or family member by text or email and see how they get on.


Mrs Soley has planned a fun fruit art activity for this afternoon. Read through the instructions on the document below carefully to find out what you need to do. Make sure you have a look at her example as well in the second document - she's very good at drawing!


In class, we have been reading The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. This afternoon, I would like you to do some research about Roald Dahl. Visit the website below and then work through the reading comprehension questions. All the answers are on the website!

You might want to spend some time exploring other pages on the website - there are quizzes and lots of information about his books and the characters in them.