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Wednesday 29th September

Good Morning Class Four.

It's Wednesday today which means we are half way through the week. I hope you are still enjoying working through the home learning tasks. It's lovely that each day a few more children are able to return to school and hopefully by the end of next week everyone will be back in learning together.

Keep up the hard work and remember to send me any work you want me to look at.

Love Miss Olver x


We always start Wednesdays with our times tables test. Use the link below to help you find the times tables test you need. Give yourself 6 minutes to complete your test. There are answers available so you can check your work.

Today, I would like you to carry on with your work on rounding from yesterday. You have two choices today:

Option 1 - If you are finding rounding a bit tricky or are not that confident with really large numbers, then have a go at the 'Rounding Numbers to 100,000' lesson.

Option 2 - If you are more confident with rounding and are confident with really large numbers, then have a go at the 'Rounding Numbers to 1,000,000' lesson.

Whichever option you choose, watch the video and then work through the worksheet. Remember to use the answer sheet to check your work.


Rounding Numbers to 100,000

Rounding Numbers to 1,000,000

If you want some extra practise at rounding, have a go at the challenge task below. I've attached an answer sheet too, but this doesn't show all the possible answers, so don't worry if yours isn't on there!


Today, you are going to be doing your silent writing task. Find your planning sheet from Monday and read back through to remind you of your ideas. Remember that you are going to be writing the next part of the story where the Duke talks to Pelly about what he can offer him. You are going to be writing in the same style as Roald Dahl, so you might want to read back through the extract from Monday (which I've attached again below) to remind you of how he writes.

As you write the conversation between the Duke and Pelly, think carefully about the rules for speech writing you looked at in your English session yesterday, remember:

  • All speech must be written inside inverted commas (speech marks).
  • There must be a piece of punctuation before the final speech mark.
  • New speaker = new line.

You will have a bit more time in tomorrow's English session to finish writing this piece and to check, edit and improve it, so don't rush your work today.


This afternoon you have another fun art activity which Mrs Soley has set for you.

The first document has all the instructions for the task. The second one has photos of Mrs Soley's work to inspire you. Keep it safe and then we can add the date and time once we confirm them and then you can send them out.