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A message to you

Good morning Class 3

I hope everyone is doing well at home. Thank you to those who sent me the super Tutankhamum artwork, do take a look in the gallery if you haven't recently.  Just a quick message from me this morning as I am just about to set off on my bike (puncture mended). I have a second day in school this week and will be in with Miss Renno for the first time so it will be nice to see her again. 

Yesterday, naughty Bosun came into the garden with a shrew he caught. Most days he catches something which we try to rescue if we can. The shrew he had yesterday was very lively and noisy. When Bosun put it down it scuttled across the garden, looking like it was chasing him! It then hid under Skipper who was sleeping and didn't seem to notice what was going on!! A very brave shrew to hide under a cat I think. When we picked up Skipper, the shrew escaped unharmed! Another lucky escape!!!

I will set off now, I hope you have a good day


Love from Mrs Bird xx


Message from Mrs Lambert 


Hello Class 3! 🙋‍♀️

Today I have finally remembered to put up my Egypt photos! Well, Mr Lamberts really. 

I was surprised to see how long ago it was - some of you weren’t even born in 2011! Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and amazing to see these ancient artefacts in person. I would recommend Luxor as a very interesting holiday destination. 
🧩 Puzzle update- When I got home from school I did a bit more on the sea and the hill. More later. 
Love from Mrs Lambert xx

Mrs Lambert’s trip to Luxor

The River Nile - Fishing is one of the main jobs for people who live by the Nile. 
Egyptians still use the River Nile to irrigate their crops. It is very green near the river and dry desert further away. 
In Luxor the market is called the Suk. It was very colourful. 
In the city they used different ways of getting around. 
As they dig foundations to build new buildings they discover more ancient artefacts! 
There are many interesting temples, tombs and monuments in Luxor. They are always finding more!
These children are going to school. Their uniform is quite different to ours!
We did a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings and the River Nile at sunrise. It was beautiful!