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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Class Four! We are half way through the week and what a strange week it has been so far. 

I wonder what you have all been up to? I hope you have been enjoying the home learning and working hard on the tasks. But I also hope you have been able to go outside in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and do some fun things with your family.

I spent another day yesterday out working in the garden. I've been painting the fence and the shed a nice light grey colour. I'm really lucky as I have friendly neighbours both sides, so I've been able to talk to them whilst painting as I don't have anyone to talk to in my house (other than Flash and Fred and, as you can imagine, the conversation is a bit one-sided!!!). Today I'm hoping to do some more painting and put some plants in pots. I'll send you some pictures when it's done. I also had some nice phone conversations with my Mum, Mrs Pilgrim and baby Alice and another friend which was great.

I drew my rainbow yesterday and put it up in my window so people could see when they walk/run past.

Did any of you make a rainbow? If you did, could you e-mail me a picture of it please? I thought I'd make a Class Four rainbow gallery on our website so we could all see everyone's work. You can email me on Perhaps you could also send me a little message to say what you've been up to.

Miss you lots, hope you have a great day, Love Miss Olver x


Here's a message from Mrs Soley:

Morning Class 4, Hope you are well and enjoying all the activities available to you. Another lovely sunny day forecast so I shall be going for a walk with Mr Soley a bit later. I wonder how many of you are doing the Joe Wicks PE lesson at 9 each morning? I know a lot of the staff were doing it today, I think there might be a few sore legs tomorrow! 

It's Mr Soley's birthday today, it will be a bit strange as we would normally get together with our children: Hannah and Ben and of course Jacob. Instead, we have planned a pizza party; Mr Soley sent out invitations via WhatsApp and good news, they're all coming. Our party will be conducted over Skype and if he's lucky there will be cake (when I've made it) and we can sing Happy Birthday to him.

Well, that's my day. I hope you all have a good day too. I am enjoying reading your emails (Mrs Soley and Miss Olver can both read the emails sent to the class4 email address), glad you sorted out the dodgy Australian Zac G! 

Catch up with you all soon, Lots of love, Mrs Soley xx

Again today I will be starting my day with some more PE with Jo Wicks. I'm really enjoying it, especially as yesterday he put in some punching and kicking moves - I really miss my kickboxing sessions so this gave me a little chance to practice. You might want to join in too. Did you know that yesterday he had 950,000 viewers! I wonder if today he will reach one million?


It's Wednesday - so start with your Beat That. You should have a few in your folder so make sure you do the easiest one today. Give yourself 2 minutes to complete it. Then, if there is an adult free, you could ask them kindly to mark it for you, or you could mark it yourself using a calculator.

Today's session is an opportunity to recap multiplication using the written method. Write the date (25.03.20) and title 'I can multiply using the written method'. Have a look at the white sheet and decide if section A, B or C is right for you. Work through and then mark using the answer sheet. Again, if you've made a mistake, try to correct it and work out where you went wrong. Remember to look in the Maths Help folder if you are stuck.

If you have time, work through the pink problem sheet which has some real-life multiplication questions on. You will need to use the long method, so think carefully about how you will set them out. Worded problems should have worded answers!


Remember to do your diary/journal entry at some point today.

I hope you enjoyed doing your silent writing session yesterday. Today is time to finish this and edit/improve it. Think about the things we often do in our edit and improve lessons in school. You could:

  • Check spellings - remember there are dictionaries online you can use or you can ask Siri and it can spell words for you!
  • Check punctuation - have you got a capital letter and full stop in every sentence. Have you got a comma if you used a list, started with a fronted adverbial or started your sentence with a subordinate clause (If, when, because, as).
  • Are there any words you are not happy with and that you could improve with a thesaurus? There are thesauruses available online you can use.
  • If you possibly can, ask someone to listen to you read your work out loud. You will be able to spot your own mistakes then, but the listener can also tell you if anything doesn't make sense or could be improved further


As it is Wednesday, I asked Mrs Kimble if she would like to set any extra SPAG challenges for you. She has sent you a little message and a 'SPAG stretcher' to do if you would like to. Anyone can do this task - you don't have to be in Mrs Kimble's group. She has also provided answers so you can check your work. 


Make a table in your book similar to the one below (but with more rows!!):

Room Object Volume Pitch

Go on a hunt around your house. In each room, try to identify objects which are making a noise. Record them on your table and note down if the volume is loud or quiet and whether the pitch is high or low. You might also want to explore how the sound is made by the object - what is vibrating to make the sound?

Spellings and Reading

Practice your spelling sentence ready for your test on Friday and do some independent reading of a book of your choice.