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Dear Class 3,

Today you will be making Libum. It is a roman cheese bread. You will need the following ingredients to make this:


145g Plain Flour

250g Ricotta or Dairy free cream cheese

1 egg or 30ml oil

8 Bay leaves

Quarter of a jar of Honey


Please watch my video below to see how to make your Libum bread.  You will need to preheat your oven to 220 degrees celsius. Bake your bread for 30 to 40 minutes in a lidded pot or a tin with another tin placed on top.

Libum Bread

Once your bread has finished baking you will need to warm your honey and pour it over your bread. You can do this by putting it in a microwaveable bowl and heating it for 30 seconds. Please be very careful doing this as hot honey can burn. You may need to ask an adult to help you with this part. Take precautions when taking the bowl out of the microwave for example using oven gloves to lift the bowl if it is hot. If you do not feel confident in pouring your honey from the bowl, you could use a spoon to drizzle it onto your bread. 

You need to leave the honey to soak into the bread for 30 minutes. Once you have done this you can try your bread. Make sure you remove the bay leaves from the bread you do not want to eat these. They will not be very nice.

I hope you enjoy making your Libum. I look forward to seeing what you have made and hearing how you got on. 

Love from Miss Newton


Miss Newton's finished Libum bread.