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Tuesday 16th June

Good Morning!

I have had some lovely emails over the last few days and I know that lots of you are working so hard at home. Miss Newton has spent some time today updating our Class 2 photo gallery so have a look and see if your piece of work is in there!  Remember, we really like to hear from you every week and see what you have been doing at home. Please could you choose one piece of work to email us by Friday this week? It could be your Mighty Writing, a maths worksheet, some artwork or anything else that you have spent time on at home. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love Mrs Sothcott



Today you need to edit and improve your writing - how many words have you used from the word bank? 

Have you described the figures (people and animals) in the painting? 


Yr 1 - have you used 'and' to link ideas in your sentences? You were learning this last week in SPAG


Yr 2 - have you used a variety of conjunctions(joining words)? You could use and, so , but , because , then, also or such as. There are lots of conjunctions, choose any you like. 



Year 1:

Yesterday we learnt how to add equal groups together. Today we are going to continue with this and learn how to represent this repeated addition as a multiplication number sentence. Follow the link below to the BBC Schools website for today’s lesson. There is a video, a worksheet and a digital learning tool.

If you want to play some games to help you practice your times tables, click on the link below. You need to practice your 2 and 10 x tables.

Year 2:

Today we are learning to divide by sharing objects into equal groups. You might need some practical apparatus to help you. You could use lolly sticks or straws to represent tens and counters or beads to represent ones.


How did you get on with the colour mixing activity yesterday? Did you manage to make lots of different colours? I used blue, red, black, white and yellow paint to make these colours:

Did you paint your own seascape picture? You might want to spend some more time on it today. You could add in some more details. If you have finished, you could choose another of Lowry's paintings to try and recreate. Remember to think carefully about the colours you use!


Have you done any reading recently? You should try and find time to read every day. Find somewhere comfy and quiet to sit and spend 20 minutes reading. You could read by yourself or to a grown up, it's up to you! You could read one of your favourite stories or non-fiction books or one of the books on your Bug Club. Make sure you ask for help if you read a word that you don't understand!