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Friday 10th July


We didn't have maths yesterday so this is the next lesson for the week rather than Friday maths today. However, I would like you to  start the lesson by trying some of the challenge questions on the bbc bitesize website

All the questions can be solved with the help of bar models. Choose 2 or 3 questions that are the right level for you.

I have done an example question using a bar model in the picture above which is similar to question 1 (same question different numbers) to remind you how to use bar models to solve these types of questions.


Year 3

Can I  measure capacity ?


Click on the link

Watch the video for Week 11 Day 4 Measure capacity.


Your worksheet, answers and extra challenge are saved below.

Year 4

Can I  identify the properties of quadrilaterals ?


Click on the link

Watch the video for Week 11 Day 4 Quadrilaterals


Your worksheet, answers and extra challenge are saved below.


Can I use the past tense ?

Listen to Ruth reading Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.

  • Say what moods Charles’s Mum and Smudge’s Dad are in.
  • Say why you think they are feeling like this. . 


Read the information about the past tense on the document below.

Complete the past tense activity and mark your work using the answers.

Imagine that you are either Victoria, Charles’s golden coloured dog, or Albert, Smudge’s black and white dog.


  • Write either Victoria or Albert’s account of their day out.
  • Give your dog their own ‘voice’ – describe the things that happened in the park (meeting a new dog, chasing through the trees and all over the park, swimming in the fountain, playing on the bandstand) from your point of view.
  • Mention what you think of the dog you met and what you think of the other characters in the story.
  • As you are writing a story, make sure your sentences are in the simple past tense.


Go to Sport and Active learning to watch PE Dave's latest video.


Please ask someone to read out your spelling sentences for this week's test. Here are the sentences:


Spelling sentences 3.7.20 Test 10.7.20

We wrote a cheque to pay for the unique antique vase.

Outside the mosque, they played a game of croquet.

Beautiful bouquets were sold in the new boutique.

We have covered all the spellings rules and patterns for the year now. Next week I would like you to select  10 words from the Year 3 and Year 4 list of words that you don't already feel confident in spelling. 

Today write the words down and make sure you know the meaning of each word.