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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Class 2!


It’s the start of a new week. I am missing you all lots! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We’re very lucky that the sun is still shining! We have got our paddling pool out in the garden. Finley and Lewis have enjoyed investigating floating and sinking. Maybe you could have a go too! You will need a big bowl or tub of water, or you could do it in the bath! Gather lots of different objects and sort them into 2 groups:

1. Objects that you think will float

2. Objects that you think will sink

What do you think makes something float? Now have fun investigating! 


I hope you are all being good at home. Have you given out any of your kindness awards yet?

Love Mrs Sothcott x


Mighty Writing

Today you are going to write the leaflet about the creature you have researched. It can be one you spotted or one you are interested in. 


You can decide how you would like your leaflet to be laid out - a big picture or drawing in the middle with writing around the edge; a picture or drawing with each piece of writing or cutting out photographs and writing about each of them. 


Write a few sentences or a paragraph for each of the sub headings - 


Habitat (where they live)


Prey ( what they eat)


Predators (what eats them)


Description of what the creature looks like


How does the creature need to be protected from the danger of humans

Any other information you would like your reader to know about.



Year 1

Today I would like you to have a go at some measuring length challenges. If you click on the document below, you will see lots of different challenge cards. I would like you to choose 3 or 4 to have a go at today and then another 3 or 4 to try tomorrow. Some of the challenges are quick and easy to do, others are a bit harder.  It’s up to you to decide which challenges you want to try! If you decide to do one of the harder ones, it’s ok if you only get one challenge done each day.  You might like to take a photograph of you doing each challenge to stick in your maths book.  You can use your maths book to record your workings and answers! 

Year 2

Click on the link below to the White Rose maths website. You will need to select Summer Term Week 2 from the yellow tabs and scroll to find Lesson 2: Order Lengths. Watch the video first, then try the worksheet. 


Talk together about special places. Do you or your family have any special places that you like to go to? What makes this place special? Click on the document below. It shows some pictures of different special places and also some places of worship. While you are looking at the pictures, think and talk about these questions:

What makes each of these places special?

All of the places look different but do they have anything in common?

Have you been to anywhere that is similar to these places?

Two of these photos show places of worship: a Church and a Synagogue. What do you think they might be like inside?