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Can I explore the development of mosaics?

Can I develop different border patterns?


For the next few weeks in art, we will be exploring mosaic designs. Today I would like you to find out a little more about mosaics, explore different designs made by the Romans and have a go at thinking about repeated patterns used for borders.

Watch the 2 clips saved below to find out about some of the Roman mosaic floors that have been discovered in this country.

Read these facts about Roman mosaics next.

Next explore the pictures of the Roman mosaics that have been discovered. Click on the link below to look at these.

What can you see on these? What colours are used? Can you see any patterns that repeat especially around the edges of some of these mosaics?  

Your task is to design your own repeated pattern that could be used for the border of a mosaic. We will be working more on the design of the picture later on so don't try to complete the picture today. Look at the examples below to help you. Try to explore different ideas. You can use pens or pencils to draw your designs.