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Thursday 14th January 2021

Good morning Class 1,

I hope you are all well and starting to find a pattern to your day now.  Do get outside safely at some point, even in the rain, if you can as it does blow the cobwebs away and can make things seem so much happier.  I saw Phoenix and his mum walking up the main road in Upham yesterday as I drove home which was nice to see.   I expect you have noticed the picture of the carrots below.  Yesterday when I was in school, the children were very keen to point out to me the daffodils starting to shoot out of the grass in the outside area of our classroom which they had spotted whilst doing their winter hunt on Monday.  That in turn lead my eyes to the pot of carrots growing just behind them that had been planted by the children in Class 1 last June.  So I thought we might as well see how they had grown.  I always think of Albert when I look at those carrots as he has been very keen to pull them up on a couple of occasions but I've always said, no let's wait a little longer.  So Albert, we pulled them up and look how they came out.  There is a real mix of size and length and they don't look quite the same as the ones we see in the shops.  Can you see that they have extra nobbly bits and what looks like extra carrots growing out the bottom of some of them?  This can be caused by the soil and how you look after the carrots.  We actually planted small carrots into the soil last year that had started life in their own little pot and were about the size of a thumb when planted.  I always thought you couldn't plant carrots that way but after having seen someone growing them at their home in that way on the television, I thought we would give it a go.  And we just planted them in the soil used the previous year for some other plants with just a small amount of new compost on top.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and actually it was quite funny seeing what came out of the ground yesterday.  I think we'll have a go at planting some more later in the year and if you plant any in small pots at home, you could bring them in to transplant into our bigger pots in school after lockdown finishes. Hope you have a nice day.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using the ship phase 2 flashcards game on the Phonics Bloom website below.

Watch Lesson 43 (part 1) which introduces the digraph th and then later in the day watch part 2 to practise reading and making words.

Now have a go at practising writing the letter d.  First trace another line of the letter c like you did yesterday as this is what we need to be good at to start writing a letter d - you can write 3 on your own in the gaps between the grey c's on the line. Then have a go at writing one line of the letter a's from yesterday (and 3 of your own in the gaps) and then 2 lines of the letter d.  They should all feel similar to each other.  Parents, please put a dot where each letter needs to be started from for your child.  So go around the dinosaur's bottom, up his tall neck and then down to his toes.  Now try writing a d in the gaps of the two lines of the d's - always go round the dinosaur's bottom first, don't start at his head.  Parents - I have just found a sheet of the letter pictures with their accompanying rhymes and have put a link below.  I'll put them in the useful resources section too.  You'll need to print off sheet number 11 only from below.

Number Time

Click on the link below to watch a video about working out how many animals are hiding in the tent.  Use a 5 frame to help you to show the different amounts of animals in different colours.  We are watching Alive in 5, Week 2, session 4.

Sing a counting song with Mrs Miller


Click on the link below to sing 10 fat sausages.

Winter and Hibernation

Have another listen to the Don't Hog the Hedge story from yesterday.  Then have a go at playing the Don't Hog the Hedge board game.   If you've listened carefully to the story, you should have a very good chance of winning the game - good luck!

Also, if you are keen on learning how to draw some of the animals that hibernate, sit down with an adult and follow the simple directions below.  I would suggest that the adult draws each step and then your child copies you.  I'd love to see any drawings you attempt - I bet you surprise yourself.