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Thursday 21st May


Start the lesson by practising your times tables. Use your Numberlink board. Then you can do your next times tables test.


Year 3

Can I recognise acute and obtuse angles?

Please go to the National Oak Academy and complete the next lesson on angles.


Then go to do complete the questions on the worksheet below.

Year 4

Can I use units of measure for capacity and mass?


Complete the lesson below. There is some  more questions to do if you have time which are saved below.


Start by practising your spelling sentences for the test on Friday


Can I use homophones there their they're ?


Watch the animation and video on the bbc bitesize home learning page to revise how to use there their and they're correctly.


Can I write the main events of an Egyptian myth.


For today and tomorrow's lesson, I would like you to make a story board or cartoon strip to retell one of the two ANcient Egyptian myths you have read this week. Start by rereading the myth you like the best. 

In today's lesson, you need to write 6 - 8  bullet points to retell the whole myth in the correct order.

If you chose the creation myth, the family tree you made will help with this.

If you chose the story of Osiris, it might help to verbally retell the story again to someone in your family.





Today we will be understanding the impact that Christian charity makes around the world. Many people around the world live in poverty and their lives are very difficult, they often rely on charity to support them. We will be looking at a Christian Charity called Compassion and thinking about what Jesus wanted for his people. Watch the video of Workita's story below.

Is this the way that Jesus intended us to live? Complete the worksheet below thinking carefully about your answers. Take a picture of your work and email it to Mrs Lambert.


Please do your next lesson at dance mat typing.


If you have started from the beginning you are on Level 2 Stage 5 Letters w and o



If you have time, you could also practise times tables using any website you would like to.