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Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Class Four - I hope everyone is well and safe and enjoying time with their families.

I spent another day working in the garden yesterday, I had forgotten how long it takes to paint fences! But I've almost run out of paint so will have to use up what I've got and then the rest will have to wait until we are allowed out shopping again. I want to get my new plants into pots today so another day planned in the garden. Flash and Fred are loving having me at home all the time. They are spending lots of time outside sunbathing and exploring. Fred is particularly good friends with my neighbour, he spends a lot of time in her garden and having cuddles with her. Yesterday, they had a bit of a falling out though. She went into the kitchen and he was up on the worktop eating her cheese quiche! Such a naughty cat!!!

Thank you to those of you who sent me your lovely rainbow pictures yesterday. I have started a little gallery below. You can still make one and send me a photo at anytime, it would be great to have some more to put up.

Have a great day and work hard, miss you all lots, Love Miss Olver x


Here is a little message from Mrs Soley:

Hi Class 4,

Mr Soley and I have started a gratitude jar. We will put a note in each day saying what we are grateful for and then look at them at the end of the week. Perhaps you would like to do something like this with your loved ones. Thank you, Love Mrs Soley xx

As with every day this week, I'll be starting with Jo Wicks PE at 9am. I wonder how many of you are also doing it? If you are - do not try the backflip he started trying yesterday!!!! I particularly enjoyed the bunny hops yesterday and spiderman lunges. I had the window open as it was hot in here, I wonder if anyone walking past heard my "boing, boing, boing!"


Start with your Learn It test. You should have a few of these in your pack, so make sure you start with the easiest one today. Give yourself 2 minutes for this. When you finish, if an adult is free then you could ask them to kindly mark it for you, if not mark it yourself with a calculator.

Today you are practising your division skills. Start with the arithmetic sheet and work through the questions using the usual, short bus stop method. Remember to write your answers in the box. The answers are online so you can check them when you finish. Remember - if you're finding it tricky, look at the examples in the Maths Help section.

Then work through the ticket division sheet. Look carefully at how much each ticket costs before starting the calculation. You could use short bus stop method for all of these questions, or you might want to use the long method for the question that involves dividing by 12. Again, answers are online so you can check.

Finally, if you have time and your brain needs stretching, have a go at the mind workout on the pink sheet. Remember, these are meant to be hard! Answers are online as well.


At some point today, remember to write an entry into your diary/journal.

Today I want you to work on spelling words which have the ly suffix.

Start by cutting out the word cards. Match up the root word to the root word with the ly suffix. See if you can find any patterns for adding 'ly'. You might spot:

  • If the word ends in a consonant, just add ly
  • If the word ends in ful, just add ly to make fully
  • If the word ends in le, change the e to y
  • If the word ends in e, keep the e and add ly
  • If the word ends in y and has more than one syllable, drop the y and add ily
  • If the word ends in y and has one syllable, keep the y and add ly

When you've finished exploring the different spelling patterns, you could ask a parent or sibling if they are free to play matching pairs with you.


If someone is free to play with you, play the ly board game. You will need a counter for each player (if you don't have any counters, you could just use a coin or something) and a dice. Roll the dice, if you land on a space with a word, you have to write the word with the ly suffix spelt correctly. Have the little list of ly rules with you to refer to. If you spell it correctly, you can have another go, if not you have to stay on that spot for a go. If you're not sure about a spelling you could use a dictionary, check online or ask Siri.


Open up the Easter story Powerpoint below. Read through the story. If you don't understand any of the words, you could look them up in a dictionary or search their meaning on Google. Using a double page spread in your book, create a story map using pictures and captions to show the most important events from the story.

Spellings and Reading

Don't forget to practice your spelling sentence ready for your test tomorrow. Spend some time doing some independent reading of a book of your choice.