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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Morning everyone,

Another glorious day ahead weatherwise.  

It was nice to be back at school again yesterday and to see the children who were learning at school.  We did the Joe Wicks workout with the rest of the school on the school field and felt very grown up carrying our chairs into the hall for lunch.  Although our classroom seemed a little bare compared to how it had been, we all agreed, come the end of the day, that we liked the extra space and it felt nice and clean.  

Enjoy the day and the sunshine everyone - it's meant to change tomorrow surprise.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds by playing flash cards speed trial on Phonics Play.

Now have a look at 3 new tricky words what when out.  Notice the "wh" to make the w sound in "what" and "when".  Practise writing them 3 times each.  Join in with the phase 4 tricky word song and see how many you can write down with the song.
Now put your 3 new tricky words and 2 other tricky words in a bag/box and play pass the bag with people in your family - just like pass the parcel but when the music stops, the person with the box/bag has to pick out a word and read it.  If the music stops on a person who cannot read, the Class 1 child has to read the word for them!
Click on "Sentences" game in Phonics Play, choose phase 4.  Choose either week 2 or 3 and read one set of cvcc word sentences.  Now choose one sentence to try writing.  Sound out one word at a time and write it down.
Now have a go at CVCC/CCVC word bingo.  You can click on the two links but only select the amount of boards from each one that you need - the words are in the same order as the pictures.  

Number Time

See if you can make today's date out of Numicon.  The date is the 2nd June.

Watch Oak Academy's Tuesday's maths lesson.  Today it is all about creating patterns with shapes.  

Now have a go at the Snail and the Whale Day 2 maths activities.  Today is about making a spiral shell for a snail using different coloured patterns and adding small amounts of different animals  together.

Minibeasts Learning

We've been carrying out maths activities about the snail and the whale, but what do you really know about snails? Watch the powerpoint below and see what new things you can find out.

The snail powerpoint told us that snails live in places that are dark and damp.  When you're outside today, see if you can find any snails.  What different places did you find them in?  The weather forecast is also a little rain later in the week so you might see more snails then.  Also, did you know that the underside of a snail's body is called a foot?  The foot contracts its muscles to make the snail move along.  It also produces the slime so that the snail can move along more easily.  Using the sheet below, see if you can label the different parts of the snail.  You can colour it in too if you want.