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My Helpful Hands

Have a read of the poem 'My Hands'. It is a poem all about our sense of touch and all the special things we might do with our hands. Once you have read the poem use the below document to write down five special things you do with your hands. This might be things you enjoy doing or are good at doing. Mine were:

I cook dinner.

I play the violin.

I give Alice cuddles.

I brush my hair.

I mark children's work.

Write your ideas inside each finger of the hand.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Unexplained Things About My Dad


Have a read of the poem 'Unexplained Things About My Dad'. What do you think the poem is about? Which senses does it use?


The poem describes what a child thinks of his dad. You are going to use your senses to describe a person who is special to you. You might describe your parents or your friends or your teacher. Your sentence needs to include some lovely describing words like this:


When Grandma cuddles me she feels soft and warm. She smells of enchanted smelling soap.


Year 1: See if you can write 1 or 2 sentences.


Year 2: See if you can write 3 or 4 sentences.


Remember capital letters and full stops!