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Friday 12th February 2021

Good morning Class 1

Good morning

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Letters and Sounds

Join in with the Jolly Phonics songs below.

Jolly Phonics songs vowel digraphs part 1

Now watch the Alphablocks ur video.
Let's have a go at reading some more 2 syllable words.  This time they have the digraphs ai, ee and ck in them too - lots to think about - use the vowel digraph picture sheets below to help you as you read. 
So how are we at remembering how to read and write the tricky words we, me, he, she and be. Quickly watch the tricky word video and see if you can recognise those 5 words and then have a go at making the words with playdough today or arranging beads, bricks, conkers, stones etc into the letters for each word.  Or rainbow write each word.  Have fun.

"This is a ...." writing activity

So today is the final clue for the true/false game and then you can test all 4 clues out on different family members later on.  Today we are going to write This is a pig.  Your choice if you draw a pig or something else.  See if you can sound out the word to your parent before writing it, or listen to them sound it out and write down each sound as they say it.  Use your letter word mat to help you form your letters properly.  Have fun tricking people later on.  Please send a photo of one over to me to see if you can catch me out!

11.00 - 11.30 am - PE with Southampton Football Club

Number Time

Sing along!

Days of the week

Let's listen to the story "The Bad Tempered Ladybird" who keeps being moody towards different insects at different times throughout the day.

Now watch the measuring time video (Growing 6,7,8 week 3, session 5)  and see how you can use a timer to time yourself doing different activities.  

Friday's exercise

Skipping Challenge

OK, this is the last day of the challenge.  Fill in the final amount of skips if you have completed in 30 seconds and then send the sheet over to me and I will send the sheet off to be entered into the Virtual Skipping Competition - good luck!

Story Telling - The Three Frilly Goats Fluff

First of all, listen and join in if you can, with Adam singing some peaceful nursery rhymes/lullabies.  Then you are going to remind yourself of the story by looking back at the story map.  Then it's time to sing the song with Adam and after that you are going to tell the story of The Three Frilly Goats Fluff.  Later on, make sure you tell any brothers, sisters, pets, mums or dads the new story and see what they think - I bet they smile all the way through.  

1.30 pm - Mr Woolley's celebration assembly


Let's finish our week by being a big, bad, noisy giant!

Have fun!

Fe Fi Fo Fum song


Still image for this video

Cooking with Miss Newton


Dear Class 1,


Firstly I wanted to thank you all for all your hard work with your baking. Each and every one of you has made me proud. If I was with you I most certainly would give you a marshmallow clap! Perhaps you can give yourselves one and eat your marshmallow after ( Parents this is an imaginary marshmallow!)

This week unfortunately I haven't been able to make a video. My daughter Esme had a very poorly tooth and we have been to the dentist three times! Luckily her tooth is all better now and both Esme and I can get some much needed sleep.

Instead I have added a video below for 3 ingredient Nutella cookies. If you have an allergy to nuts or dairy please use an alternative ingredient to Nutella as this isn't suitable. An alternative chocolate spread will work just as well. 

Thank you so much for all the lovely photo's I have been sent. I have loved seeing them and seeing you all smile. 

I hope you have a lovely half term break, take care and stay safe.

Love from 

Miss Newton

3-Ingredient Nutella Cookies Recipe

These 3-ingredient Nutella cookies are very easy to make, you don't need to be an experienced baker to make them and there are taste good. You can prepare th...