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Tuesday 19th May


Start the lesson by doing your next times tables test. 



Year 3 

Can I recognise angles inside 2-D shapes?


Do the quiz to start with. Then watch the lesson on the video, stopping to complete the activities on the slides.


If you would like, there are some extra questions saved below.

Year 4

Can I convert  between cm and mm  ?


Go to the National Oak academy page at


Start with the recap quiz, then work through the video. The worksheets are on the slides.

I have added some extra questions for those of you who would like to do them.


Can I read and retell the main events in an Ancient Egyptian myth?


Today, you will be watching and reading versions of the Ancient Egyptian creation myth. To watch and read the animation go to this website:


Next, read a written version of the same myth on the first page in the document below. When you have finished reading the versions, use the images on p 4-5 in the document to create a flow chart or family tree of the gods in this myth. 

You can check your work using the image on p6 of this document.

Spelling task

Can I spell words ending in suffixes tion  sion   cian    ssion ?

Open the document below. Sort the words with each suffix.


Can I find out about how the Ancient Egyptians wrote?


Go to the bbc bitesize website to learn about hieroglyphics. There is a task you could do at the bottom of the page.

Read the Powerpoint and information sheet to learn more 

There is an activity sheet for you to do saved below.



Design an Egyptian cartouche. This is an oval shape which was carved with an ancient Egyptian king or queen's name. You can use hieroglyphs to design your own name. The hieroglyph symbols are saved below.