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Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a nice rest over the long weekend and maybe managed some type of celebration on Friday for VE Day.

It was particularly lovely weather on Friday and Saturday and I must say the garden pool was busy on both days at our house.  Pippa and Mr Mason did some serious lilo and rubber ring floating for an hour or so at a time and I even ventured up to the top of the ladder and sat with my feet in the water for a little while - how daring!  We also had a barbecue which really was a nice treat.  On a different note,  one of our bantam chickens has become broody, which means she wants to sit on eggs and have some baby chicks.  So she has been sitting on a few eggs for the last few days and hopefully we will get some chicks hatch from them.  However, the trouble with chickens doing this is that it can make other chickens feel a bit broody too and they stop laying eggs at that point and just want to sit on eggs.  So now we have 2 chickens feeling broody and they are both sitting on the eggs.   I will keep you updated - it takes 21 days for eggs to hatch and our chickens have been sitting for 5 days now - can you work out how many days are left until they could hatch?

Don't forget to send over the piece of work/activity you were proud of last week.

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sound cards.

Then click on the powerpoint link below to practise reading some words with the phonemes y and x and some cvcc words.  Then see if you can read and write the 5 tricky words at the end of the powerpoint - hopefully these will be getting easier to read and write now.

Writing Challenge- This is the piece of work that I would like sent over to me at some point this week please


Get your sound mat and tricky word mat in front of you to help you.  Use your super sounding out skills to help you write your words and don't forget to leave spaces between each word.  See if you can remember a capital letter to start a sentence and a full-stop at the end. 


Find something in your house that you really like and would like to show to the rest of the class. It might be a toy, or a pet, or a game, or an ornament or model or anything that is special to you.  You are going to write one or two sentences explaining what your special object is and why you like it so much.  It would be great if you could send over a photo of your object, or you and your object, so everyone can see it.  Talk to your adult about what it is you want to tell the class about your object and decide what your sentence(s) is going to be.  Tell your adult your sentence a couple of times before you write so that you know what you want to write.  Keeping reading what you have written so you know which word comes next.  Good luck - can't wait to see what all your special things are.

If you would like to practise your phonics with a teacher, click on the Read Write Inc link below.  Set 1 is x, set 2 is ay and set 3 is ur.

Number Time

Click on the link below to do wk 4, lesson 1 of the Oak Academy maths lessons - Counting objects up to 20.

The maths activities this week are all centered around the book The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle -there's a link to the story below.  There are lots of different activities on each day this week but perfectly accessible to everyone in the class in a fun way so do give them a go if you have time and they fit in with your day.  Today's activities are all about making webs and catching spiders!

Farm Learning

There is lots of different machinery used on farms but what does the machinery actually do?  Watch the Bee-Bright video clip about farm machinery and see how big machinery does so much of the farmer's work with very little effort and so many different jobs.  Then watch the Tractor Ted episode all about cutting grass and see how machines cut, gather, transport and compact the grass for storage to be used as silage for animal feed.

If you've got a toy farm and/or tractors and diggers, why don't you set it up and make your tractors carry out some of the farm jobs.  You could also help your family at home mow the grass and maybe make a nice big pile like Tractor Ted did. There are some farm colouring pictures below, including a tractor, if you want to print any off.
I also found this simple way of making a tractor from a toilet roll inner and some milk bottle tops - could be fun!