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Tuesday 25th January 2022



Yesterday, your Mighty Writing task was to write a letter as if you were in London in 1666. Today you are going to edit what you have written and then write a little bit more. You could try to add in some of the facts we have learnt over the last couple of weeks. 

Start by reading carefully what you have written. While you are reading, think about the following:


Have you remembered a nice, tall capital letter at the beginning of each sentence?

Have you remembered a capital letter for any names of people or places?

Have you put a full stop at the end of each sentence?

Have you used your sound mat and tricky word mat to help you spell words correctly?

Have you used any adjectives to add detail?


Now read your letter again and use a green pen to edit. Year 2s, you should be able to do this fairly independently. Year 1s, you might need a grown up to help you with this.

When you have finished editing, continue writing for another 10 minutes.


I would really like to read your letters so please email them to me when you are finished!


Year 1: I can add two equal groups to find doubles.

Today, we are going to use what we have been learning about equal groups to help us to find doubles. Have a go at the Activity Time below. You will need a dice, some counters, beads or bricks, a pencil and paper.

Challenge: Can you write a multiplication number sentence for each double? E.g. If you roll a 3, write 3 x 2 =

Year 2: I can make up a story to match a multiplication number sentence.

Look at the multiplication stories below. Read each story carefully. Then write the multiplication number sentence to go with it. Can you write the repeated addition number sentence too? Now can you solve the problem? Do this for each of the stories below.

Now have a go at writing your own multiplication stories to match the number sentences below. Remember to draw pictures to go with your stories!


8 x 2 =

4 x 5 =

3 x 10 =


Year 1


Yesterday we learnt the new grapheme 'u-e', like in the word 'cube'. Practice reading some u-e words on the Power Point below. Then play the Read and Roll Game.

Year 2


Yesterday, we learned to read and spell some words containing the soft 'c' sound. Look at the Power Point below and practice reading and spelling the words on Slide 15.

Now have a go at finding the hidden 'c' words in the word search.


This week in PE we are developing our balancing skills. Today we are going to practice a static seated balance. You will need a cone or beanbag (or something similar for today's lesson).  Have a look at the coloured cards below and have a go at some of the challenges. Start with the yellow card and then move onto the green card if you can. If you really want to challenge yourself, you could have a go at some of the red activities!