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Monday 18th May

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We went for a long walk in the woods where Finley and Lewis enjoyed building dens, hunting for bugs and bird spotting. Our legs were very tired when we got home! 

Finley learnt a new game this weekend: Floor is lava! He is in Year R so in his phonics lessons he is learning phase 4 tricky words at the moment. We chose some of the words that he finds difficult and wrote them onto pieces of A4 paper with felt tip pens. Then we spread them out over the floor. Finley had to jump to each word I called out, making his way from one side of the lounge to the other. He had to be careful not to fall onto the floor because he decided it was shark infested water!

Maybe you could try this game at home with some of the tricky words that you need to learn. I have attached the phase 2-5 tricky words below. You could also play this game with numbers. Your grown-up could read out some addition or subtraction problems and you have to jump to the right answer! Have fun!


Love Mrs Sothcott x


On Friday, you were reading the rainforest description sheets and talking about what you'd like to write about. Have you decided yet?


These were your choices - 

 a) You could imagine you are someone like Steve Backshall and describe your adventure in the rain forest, telling about the forest and the animals you encounter.


b) You could imagine you are a creature who lives in the rainforest, telling about where you live, how you get food and what dangers you face each day. 


Whichever you chose, remember to write sentences or a paragraph telling about 

  • what the rainforest is like - what can you see, smell, hear and feel, how hot and humid is it? 
  • how you move through the rainforest
  • what emotions (feelings in your body) you have
  • something exciting which happens to you
  • how the day ends


This week we are going to continue following the BBC schools maths lessons and revise some of the skills we have learnt throughout the year. Click on the Year 1 or Year 2 links below to find your lesson for today:


This half term, we have been learning about The Amazon Rainforest. Today we are going to be rainforest musicians! I would like you to try making some rainforest sounds at home. First, listen to the clip below:


Listen to the clip again and talk about what might be making each sound. Some of them are quite weird! Have you got any musical instruments at home that you could use to help you make some rainforest sounds? If not, you could try making your own! You could try filling an empty plastic bottle with some dried rice, lentils, pasta or beads. How many different sounds can you make? Maybe you could get your family to join in too and make lots of sounds together! I would love to hear your music so please email me some videos!