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Start the lesson by practising your times tables then doing your first test of the week.


Can I multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number?


This lesson continues from yesterday.


Year 4, this is to consolidate learning from last year. If you didn’t feel you have totally mastered the written method, watch my video and try the written calculations below. If you are then confident, watch the White Rose video and complete as much of the worksheet as you can. If you could do yesterday’s lesson confidently, start at the White Rose video and just do that worksheet.Mark your work when you have finished.


Year 3, if you need more practice, watch my video and do the written calculations below. Then, please watch the White Rose video up to 7 minutes 23 seconds. On the worksheet go up to question 6 only if you can. You will continue the video and worksheet in the lesson tomorrow.


Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers