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Monday 8th February

Good morning Class Four - it's the last week of learning before half term!

Here is a morning message from me:

Monday 8th February Morning Message

And here are some of my weekend photos for you:


Did you spot the information on our class page for this week about the Virtual Skipping Competition which is taking place? If not, go back, have a look and download the tracker document.

Start the day by seeing how many skips you can do in 1 minute and record this on the tracker.

Here is your daily challenge:
I'll be joining in with PE with Joe from home today. It's Monday which means a full-on workout today!


Start by watching the warm up video below and working through the questions.

Monday Maths Warm Up

This week we are going to be learning about square numbers and cube numbers. Today, we are going to be finding out what a square number is and then using this knowledge to solve some calculations involving square numbers.

Watch the video below.

Square Numbers Part 1

As it said in the video, I would like you to work out what the first 12 square numbers are.

Record your work using the same pattern I did:

12 = 1 x 1 = 1

22 = ...

Then check your work using the answer sheet below.

Now watch the second square number video.

Square Numbers Part Two

Have a go at solving these square number calculations and check your answers.
If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task below. There are lots of possibilities, I have shared some of the ones I came up with below.

10am Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be doing a whole school assembly today at 10am on Google Classroom. If you use your normal login, then you will need to chose the new class called 'Whole School Assembly' to access this.


I can't quite believe that this is our last silent writing session of this half term and our last silent writing linked to our Mayan topic.

For your silent writing this week, you have two options:

  1. Write your own Mayan-themed myth/legend.
  2. Write a newspaper report about our Mayan topic for the Bishops Waltham Parish News next edition.


Option 1 - Mayan myth/legend

You have read lots of different Mayan myths and legends with Mrs Soley over the past few weeks. You have seen how they use their myths to explain things around them which they don't understand. Their myths often feature their many Gods and sometimes also the Underworld.

Start by looking at the sheet below which will remind you what myths and legends are.

Then have a go at planning your own myth or legend on the mountain planner sheet below. You will be writing your myth/legend tomorrow.

I've also attached two of the myths you looked at with Mrs Soley in case you want to read through them to remind yourself of what Mayan myths are like.

Option 2 - Mayan Topic Newspaper Report

I have to send off another article to the Bishops Waltham Parish News at the end of February, which is right when we get back from half term, so I thought I'd see if anyone would like to write one for me now so it's ready to go.

As we are reaching the end of our Mayan topic, I thought it was a good opportunity for you to share with the community what Class Four have been learning about and doing in their topic work this half term.

Work through the planning sheet below today and then you can write your newspaper report tomorrow.

I've also included three examples of end-of-topic newspaper reports which I have sent off before, in case you want to have a look through these first.

1.30pm Pilates Live on Google Classroom

It has been so great to see everyone joining in so well with the Pilates each week. I can already see that you are getting stronger, are better at balancing and are able to relax more in the quiet section at the end.

As always, today we will do some of the moves we have learnt before and I'll add on some new ones.

Join the Google Classroom link at 2.45pm. Make sure you are wearing something comfortable and have a glass of water ready.


Today, Mrs Soley has recorded another 'Custard Castle' story for you to listen to. This story is called 'The Thing in the Dungeon'. Click below to listen to the story.

The thing in the dungeon

For her follow up task, Mrs Soley would like you to think about the character Jack from the story. 

Jack the servant boy has lots of different jobs: stable boy, plumber's mate, wizard's helper and guard.

Draw yourself doing one of these jobs.