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Saturday 28th March

Good morning Class Four!

You might have noticed - I've had a bit of a tidy up on the website today, the page was getting soooooo long! So I've moved my morning messages into the daily subpage to help organise everything. Don't worry - I will still be writing you a message everyday, it'll just be in a slightly different place.

I had a very strange day yesterday. You may have heard in the news that schools have to open for any children of key workers. Our school is open for just a couple of children whose parents have to work in key worker jobs. There are hardly any children coming in (which is good as it means most of you are able to stay home which is the safest option), and none of the children are in Class Four! I managed to get so much cleaning and sorting done in the classroom yesterday whilst I was in, I washed all the scissors, protractors, rulers, paint trays and some of the toys and cleaned lots of the trays too. This means that when we go back the classroom should be lovely and clean and shiny for us!

When I got home, I had so many lovely e-mails from you. There were beautiful rainbows (check out the rainbow gallery as I've added some new ones) and amazing silent writing tasks. Lots of you also sent me photos of yourselves, your pets or extra things you had made/done. It was so great to hear from you all as I am missing you all lots. I have replied to all the e-mails I received I think! There are a few people I haven't heard from yet, so if you haven't e-mailed yet, I really hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great Saturday and enjoy the sunshine!

Love Miss Olver x


Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Dear Class Four,

I can't believe it's Friday already (as Mrs Soley sent this to me yesterday!). I hope you've all had a lovely week and enjoyed spending time with your family in the sunshine. More forecast for next week but a little colder I think. I have so enjoyed reading your emails and looking at all of your work, so many gold coins awarded, well done. Tamara and Zac you have such beautiful dogs, bet they're loving all the added attention of having you at home. Your rainbow pictures have been gorgeous. I love that some of you decided to put them on the path for people to see as they walk by and lovely that Frankie got involved too smiley

I have been busy today doing some Easter crafts which I hope you will enjoy next week and then send through photos so that Miss Olver and I can see them. As you may be aware, I started crocheting when I found out I was going to be a grandmother and so have been trying to make a little chick Easter basket. It's a bit tricky but I'm persevering and when I'm finished I will get Miss Olver to put the photo on the website. Let's ope I don't get in a knot.

I wonder if any of you were outside at 8 o'clock last night (Thursday night!) clapping for all the people who work in the NHS. I stepped outside with Mr Soley and was surprised by the noise from the surrounding houses, it was such an easy yet meaningful thing to do.

We're planning a video call with Hannah and Jacob tonight, apparently little J is whizzing around the house and Hannah is finding it hard to keep up. The other night, he escaped after his bath and got soapy hand and footprints all over the kitchen floor.

Enjoy your weekends everyone, keep us posted about all the things you are doing.

Bye for now,

Lots of love, Mrs Soley xx


Mrs Soley has been helping me with the planning for the next week of your home learning. She has created a cooking task for you to try at home. I will put up the recipe and photos later in the week. But I thought I'd give you a list of ingredients so you can ask your parents if you have them, or if they can try and get them for you if they are able to go shopping. We fully understand that it is really difficult to do shopping at the moment, and that you might not be able to leave your house at all, or get the ingredients if you do go to the shops. Mrs Soley has put a few alternative ingredients on the list you might be able to use. But, if you cannot get them, please do not worry - the plan is for you to practice some cooking, so you can cook anything you like with your family, the recipe provided is just a suggestion you might like to try smiley



250g/9 oz cold unsalted butter (or a dairy-free alternative)

150g/5 1/2 oz soft light brown sugar (or similar)

125g/4 1/2 oz caster sugar

2 large eggs

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (if you have it)

Pinch of salt

300g/10 1/2 oz plain flour

Small tube mini chocolate eggs (or any other naughty treat to put on the top)