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Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning Class Four,

Here is a morning message for you from Mrs Soley:

Tue 2 March

10.30am David Walliams Live World Book Day Assembly

Last night, Mrs Newton sent me an email to say that David Walliams would be doing a special World Book Day Assembly today at 10.30am! I quickly went onto the link, as I know how much you all love David Walliams' books, and registered our school for this event. You can join and watch the assembly by clicking on the link below at 10.30am today if you would like.


I wonder how many of you have ever tried dream catching? Or have a dream catcher above your bed to catch nice dreams? Today's activity is linked to dream catching from The BFG.


Today, start by completing your Learn It challenge. Give yourself 2-3 minutes to complete it. If you haven't got one, send me an email and I'll send it across. Let me know how you get on so I can update my tracker.

In today's lesson, you are going to be carrying on with the work you started yesterday on calculating the area of compound shapes. You might want to start the video again from the beginning to remind you, or you might want to start from where you left off yesterday - 5 minutes and 35 seconds. Watch through to the end and then have a go at the worksheet. This is tricky! So please don't worry if you find it hard, just try your best and if you get stuck, have a look at my workings to see how I solved the questions.
If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the extension task which has some more compound shapes for you to explore and some reasoning statements to respond to. I've included my workings and answers so you can check your work.


Today, you are going to be writing your diary entry describing what it was like to unearth an amazing fossil. Remember to look back at your plan from yesterday to help you with this.

Start by reading my example below - you might want to magpie some of my ideas in your own work.

Once you've finished writing your diary entry, spend some time reading back through, checking, editing and improving your work. Then, send it to me so I can have a look at it, I'm looking forward to reading all about your exciting finds!

Pilates Live at 1.30pm

Join me at 1.30pm on Google Classroom for our weekly Pilates session. We will do some moves we have done before and I will introduce some new ones to try.
Make sure you are wearing something comfortable and have a glass of water with you.


Mrs Soley has recorded another 'Custard Castle' story for you. Today's story is called 'Princess Fifi's Frog'.

Princess Fifi's frog

For your follow up activity, she would like you to think:

If you kissed a frog, what would you want it to turn into?!

Draw a picture to go with your idea. It could be the final thing the frog turns into, or you could even try drawing the transformation taking place!