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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning Class 1.  I hope everyone is feeling bright and breezy.

It was good to hear from another couple of class members yesterday and I have added some of their work to our class gallery.  Remember, if there is something you are particularly proud of, email it over to me and we can add it to the gallery for others to share. It doesn't matter if it is activities that I have suggested or activities that you have undertaken connected to your own interests.  I'm really pleased to hear that everyone who has been in touch is still reading regularly which will help everybody so much.  There is also lots of playing and having fun  happening too which is great.   


I was back in school yesterday to spend the day with some children whose parents are key workers.  It was a little bit strange as there were not many of them and it's been a little while since they were part of my class; we also spent the day in Class 2.  We went outside quite a bit too and used the balance bikes and the trikes which I can report are still in good working order.  It was lovely to see how much more they had learnt since leaving Class 1 and it still amazes me how much you can all learn at such a young age.  


Has anyone checked out PE Dave's new sport challenge in the Sport and Keep Active at Home web page?  This time Dave has challenged us to see how many press-ups we can do in 30 seconds.  Now I am afraid my stomach muscles took a battering last week with the sit-up challenge and they have just about returned to normal, but my arm muscles are even weaker - I have never won an arm wrestle in my entire life.  I managed to get myself into the correct starting position but it seems that the 30 second planks I did on the Joe Wicks workout today have scuppered my attempts to achieve even one press-up!!! I think I will have to try again later in the week - my stomach is frozen!  I expect you little ones will be able to do loads - but don't let your bottoms stick up in the air otherwise it doesn't count!


I hope you have a nice day today and you enjoy watching the Easter story. 


Love Mrs Mason



Today's Learning

Letters and Sounds

Practise all your sounds cards.

Can you write the sounds or use your sound cards to make the sounds ch, sh, th, ee, oa. If you want a challenge, can you write the words: chop, ship, this, feet, boat?

Watch the Geraldine the Giraffe video on long sound oo.


Play 4 in a row with long vowel sound oo sheet (moon) in the corner - You only need to print off one of the sheets which has moon in the corner (third page in) and the instructions on how to play the game are written on the top of the game.  To get to the free sheet, click on the link below and scroll down the pages until you reach the box that says "To get your free printable click here (red arrow)". That will then link you to the free game sheet (it is easy).


To remind ourselves of some of those tricky words, click on the link below and print off the page with the balloons on.  Follow the colour code to colour the balloons in.  Read the word out loud before you colour it.  Then test your adult and see if they can spell the word - check they've spelt each word correctly.


Have the 2 words "play" and "like" written on a piece of paper for your child to use.

Answer the following question:  What board game do you like to play?

Ask your child to write their answer as a sentence saying "I like to play......"  Encourage them to sound out and find the words themselves, leave spaces between words and start the sentence with a capital letter and end with a full-stop.  Have their sound mat and word mat to hand.

Number Time

Click on the link below and follow Lesson 2 based on the book "What the Ladybird Heard" (ladybird biscuits).

If you don't want to go down the biscuit route, try a paper ladybird and spots with the ladybird resource below.  You can also have a go at the addition calculations provided by using the dots.  If you do try the adding, put the correct amounts on both wings and then see if you can add the two amounts together by counting on from the first number, eg if the question is 6 add 3, touch the wing of 6 as a group and say 6 and then count on 3 touching each spot one at a time 7, 8, 9.  You can then add it the other way by starting with 3 and then counting 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  
RE with Tom and Tess



Tom and Tess are not sure if we know the sad story of Jesus dying and the big surprise of him coming back to life afterwards.  It is the story they hear on Easter Sunday at their church.  Christians say Easter is a happy celebration because Jesus did not stay dead.  


Watch the Easter story on the link below.

Print out the pictures of the Easter story using the link below.  Can you cut them out and stick them in the right order on the accompanying piece of paper numbered 1 to 6?  Also, can you draw a happy or sad face on each picture to show if you think it was a happy or sad part of the Easter story.  If you are finding it hard to recognise all the pictures, try sequencing only the first 4 boxes - throw the last 2 pictures of the bottom line away.  The third slide shows the correct order.