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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Class 2!

Morning from Mrs Pilgrim



Yesterday we read the first few pages of the story Masai and I by Virginia Kroll. Now I am going to read you the whole story. While I am reading, write down any new words or words that you do not understand. You could also write down some questions. What would you like to know about the Maasai people?

We are going to learn a little bit about the Maasai people and their culture. Click on the Power Point below and look through the slides. Stop when you get to Slide 14.
Now click on the Activity sheet below and print it out. if you do not have a printer, you can work on any piece of paper you have at home. I would like you to fill this page with facts about Maasai culture. You might need to watch the video of me reading Masai and I again. You might also need to look again at the Power Point. You could draw pictures and add labels or write facts. Please bring these fact sheets into school with you next Monday so we can share what we have found out.



Year 1:


Today we are learning more about recognising and naming 2D shapes. Watch the below video and then complete the worksheet.

Year 2:


Today we are learning how to draw some 2D shapes. What do you think we might need to use to help us to do this neatly and accurately? That's right, a ruler! Most of the 2D shapes have straight sides don't they so if you have a ruler at home use this to help you with your work today. Remember hold the ruler steady with the hand you don't write with so your drawing doesn't go all wibbly wobbly! Watch the video below and then have a go at the worksheet.


Let's start by all practising recognising the sounds we know. Click the link below to the Phonics Play website and log in with username: jan21 password: home

Select Flashcard Speed Trial and choose Phases 3-5A. 

Year 1

Yesterday you learnt that the letters 'se' make 's' sound in words such as 'cheese'. Let's start by reading some words with this sound in. Look at the picture below and read each word by breaking it down and then blending it back together.

No have a go at writing a sentence. Click below to hear me read your sentence. Then scroll down to see if you got it right!


Still image for this video
Have a look back at the other 'se' words. The sentence we just wrote had the word 'house' and 'mouse' in. Now choose another of the 'se' words to write in a sentence.

Year 2

Yesterday we learnt how to add the suffix -ing to verbs. We are going to continue practising this today. Have another look at the Power Point to remind you of what we learned yesterday:

Now watch the video below:

Now have a go at this activity:


Today we are going to make an African drum which we will use in our music lesson tomorrow. Watch Mrs Millers video to find out all about it.

African drum

Guided Reading with the Yellow Group 2 pm


Yellow Group I will see you in the Yellow Group area of Google Classroom at 2 pm for our Guided Reading session. Today we will be reading 'Fang Family: Blood Buns and Scarecrows' which I have added to your Bug Club accounts. Please have the book open and ready and as always join with your microphones off. See you there!

Sing a springtime song with Mrs Miller

Spring Chicken

Cooking with Miss Newton

Dear Class 2,

This week I will be showing you how to make Uji which is an African porridge. The reason I am making this is because we have started our new topic It's a small world. We will be finding lots out about Africa over the next few weeks.


You will need:

32g Millet Flour

96g Cornmeal Flour

1 Cup of water 

3 cups of boiling water 

Pinch of cinnamon 

1 tsp of sugar


I suggest having something sweet to drizzle on like Honey. This is nothing like any porridge you will have tasted before.

If you can't source the ingredients then please do watch my video's anyway and you can see what this looks like and how it turns out.


Love From 


Miss Newton