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Thursday 11th February 2021


Still image for this video
Take a look at this icicle that formed on a tap - it's humungous and it's pure ice - I wonder if it's being measured on a daily basis and whether it will get longer or shorter, or thicker or narrower tomorrow????
The bat art went well yesterday at school and also for one member of our class.  If you didn't have a chance to give it a go, it's a really pleasant way to spend a chilly day - 4 different bat arty activities are on offer - check out the end of Wednesday if you missed it. 

Letters and Sounds

Practise your sounds using Phonics Bloom Flash Cards Time Trials.  Choose which set(s) to practise, there are 4 in each set:

set 7 is j, v, w, x,

set 8 is y z, zz, qu

set 9 is ch, sh, th, ng

set 10 is ai, ee, igh,

set 11 is ur, oo, ar, or



Still image for this video
Now parents, a little job for you.  Can you hide/place all the "th" words from Monday (this, that etc) all around the room.  Then ask your child to find them one at a time, bring them back to you and then read them.  If they get them right, they keep them, if you have to help them then you keep them.  Who is going to score the most?  You could use hot and cold to make it more fun.  

Introduction to "ur" digraph with Mrs Mason

Download either page 2 or 3 of the file below for your child to fill in, whichever you think is most appropriate for your child to succeed.  The answers are on the final page for you to peek at.
Today we are going to learn how to approach reading 2 syllable words.  Work through the powerpoint below.  If you have a pc/laptop, then if you activate the slide show there will be an audio sound track of me accompanying it.  If you are on an ipad, you sound up to the line and say and then sound out the second part and say and put them both together.

"This is a...." writing activity

Today it is time to write clue 3 of the true/false game.  Today's clue is a mug.  See if you can sound out mug to your adult - everyone should at least be able to hear the first sound now - listen carefully as your parent says the word mug (stretch out the m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm please if your child is looking at you quizzically!!).  Will it be a true or a false today?  

Number Time

Let's start off with the Days of the Week song, join in if you can.

Days of the Week - holding days

Today is all about plants growing so let's listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Then watch Miss Cooper below showing you how to measure a flower as it grows.  If you have a spare couple of sunflower seeds (you might have some in bird feeders if you're lucky), you could plant a couple and measure as they grow or maybe a runner bean seed if anyone has any in seed packets at home.  If we are all back in school in April, we'll grow some at school then and measure.  So why not measure the beanstalk pictures attached instead using whatever you want to measure them with: matchsticks, lego bricks, pasta etc and put them in order from smallest to largest with the number of measure written beside each one - you only need to print off the first two sheets. 

Thursday's exercise

Story Telling - The Three Frilly Goats Fluff

First we start off singing some nursery rhymes whilst clicking a beat.  Then it is time to mime out the story with  Adam.  Watch him speak it through the first time, mime it the second time and then you have a go at miming it yourself.

Nocturnal Animals

Carrying on with our theme of nocturnal animals, have a look on and look at the fact files of the nocturnal animals.  Then choose either a fox, badger or hedgehog to make your own fact file about.  You can make these by printing off one of the sheets below and drawing your own pictures to provide facts, or you could draw pictures and label them with one or two words, or you could cut and paste electronically what the animals eat and where they live, or you could just write a few words for each section.  You decide.  I would really like to see your fact files when they are complete so send a photo over when you have finished.  

(The publisher document is the clearest but I've copied them into word also if you can't access publisher - the pictures below the links are just to show you what the sheets look like).  You only need to print off one animal page.


Lets learn another song from Jack and the Beanstalk-the Musical

And The Beanstalk Grew song