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Friday 15th May

Today's question - Does your hair look any different from when you were at school? 


Morning Job

Have a try at making this jungle style picture frame.

Jungle Frame


Handwriting and spelling. Choose the correct sheet for your year group.


Next week will be our last week of being rainforest explorers. 


The sheets below will be helpful for ideas. 

For today, read the sheets and talk about them. They are designed to inspire you and your imagination. 


On Monday you will have a choice of what you'd like to write about - 

a) You could imagine you are someone like Steve Backshall and describe your adventure in the rain forest, telling about the forest and the animals you encounter.


b) You could imagine you are a creature who lives in the rainforest, telling about where you live, how you get food and what dangers you face each day. 


It’s Friday Maths day! The BBC website has some weekly challenges to help you practice your maths problem solving skills. The idea is that you solve these challenges together as a family. Click on the link below to the BBC weekly challenge page. There are 3 to choose from. Challenges 1 and 2 are for children aged 5-7. If you want a very tough challenge, number 3 is for children aged 7-9!

Choose a challenge and talk about it together. What is the challenge asking us to do? What information do we know? What do we need to find out? Do we need anything to help us?

Good luck!

Don't forget to try out the activities which PE Dave has put onto the website. 


Have a super weekend and keep smiling!