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Monday 22nd June


Start with the morning challenge below.

Morning challenge answers:

1)  48

2)  63

Year 3

Can I add lengths?

Please watch the video by clicking on the link:


The worksheet and an additional challenge are saved below.

Year 4

Can I write money in £ and p?


Click on this link to go to White Rose maths.


Watch the video for Lesson 1 Pounds and pence.


You worksheet, answers and additional challenge questions are saved below.


Can I spell words spelt sc with s phoneme?


Complete the worksheet saved below. Then mark your work.



Can I use persuasive language ?


This week, you are going to write some of your own sections for a new version of the Upham school brochure.

In today's lesson I would like you to write an introduction. In our brochure, Mr Wooley has written a welcome message to explain what the aims of our school are. Please read this page again and think about what you would like to include in your introduction.

Questions to think about


What do you think makes our school special?

What do you think are important things that any new pupils and parents would like to know.


Remember the brochure is written to persuade the reader that the school is a great place to send your children. Try to use some of the persuasive vocabulary you collected last week in Wednesday's lesson.

Topic - Geography

Can I find out information about Upham village using Google maps?


Click on the link below to access Google Earth

 Type in Upham Southampton into the search box and zoom in on Upham village. Explore around the village.

 Can you find St Mary’s church?

Can you find school?

Where is the recreation park?

If you live in Upham, can you find your house?


 Look at the whole village. What can you find out about Upham? What are the key features?

What do we mean by ‘key features’?

These are simply things like-

  • Types of houses  and buildings
  • Land use- e.g farms/ industrial sites
  • You may also like to discuss the difference between ‘human’ and ‘physical features’ (things built by us as opposed to rivers, mountains or woods )


Please write about the physical and human features of Upham village.  

Pictures or images would be a lovely addition, to highlight any particular features that you mention but are not essential.


Reading and spellings


Practise your spelling sentences.

Please end your day by spending some time reading a book.