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Day 1 Class 1



During the day, undertake the first two literacy activities about The Noisy House on the Oak Academy website.  They are both about a story called “The Noisy House” and in the first lesson you will hear the story and play a game and in the second lesson, you will draw a story map of the same story which is the first step to being able to retell the story yourself.  You will probably need your adult to help you draw your story map.  I would do one lesson in the morning and one in the afternoon. 



Now share some nursery rhymes with your adult.  You may have a book with some in at home.  You could share some of your favourite ones or challenge yourself to learn a new one or one you are less familiar with.

If you don’t have a book of rhymes, why not join in with Mr Tumble on CBeebies.  Why not start with the song Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken as there was a chicken in the story and then you will see some other nursery rhymes and songs you could join in with too.

Number Time

Have a go at the obstacle course building activity and have a great time playing in it as well having a go at what is suggested in the activity.


Help an adult to make some chocolate krispie cakes (Just look at slide 2 where the recipe is).  Make sure you help with the weighing out and mixing and definitely have a go at tasting them.  Have a go at practising your numbers by looking at different sized groups of cakes, estimating how many cakes there are and then check by counting.  Repeat with different amounts.  Or start with 10 cakes and see if you can count how many are left when different friends or toys come to eat a cake and take them away.  Count how many are left each time.    

Now enjoy singing 5 Little Speckled Frogs.  See if you can work out how many speckled frogs will be left each time a frog jumps off of the log - sing up loud!

Understanding the World - To Understand what makes my family unique

Many of you have brought your All About Me books to school which have photos of different family members and friends and different things you like to do.  Today we are going to think about what makes your family unique - different from any other famiy.  Click on the link below to watch the video about what makes your family unique and you can then have a go at making a collage of your family, as demonstrated in the video.