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Friday 17th July


Today is your final Friday maths challenge of the year! There are some quite challenging questions today, some include several steps. Do the best you can as usual and as many as you can in your lesson. The answers for each set are on the second and third pages of the documents saved below so you can mark your work and do any corrections.

As usual Yellow is the least challenging and Blue is the most challenge. Pick the level which is right for you.


Spelling task

Start the lesson by practising your spelling words. Write each word in a sentence.



Can I write a short poem using noun phrases ?
1. Write a list of nouns – types of animals. Keep going until you have at least ten.
(e.g. foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, owls, etc.)
2. Choose one noun as your head noun. Build a noun phrase around this head noun,
using adjectives, adverbs and other words.
(e.g. steadily busy, little prickly hedgehogs)
3. Repeat this until you have lots of noun phrases to choose from.
4. Pick your best six and reread them, thinking about the impact. Edit so that your
words are really powerful.
(e.g. very remarkably bold, bright jewel-eyed foxes)
5. Write your noun phrases as a list poem, in a similar style to All Creatures.
All Animals
I like remarkably bold, jewel-eyed foxes.
I like steadily busy, prickly hedgehogs.
I like proud, striped shovel-snouted snuffling badgers.
I like terrifying ghost-faced barn owls.


When you have finished decorate your poem with some pictures of the animals you have described.


Ask someone at home to read out the words you selected to learn this week. When you have finished and your work is marked remember to practise any words you did not spell correctly.


There are no more spellings to learn as it's the summer holidays next week!!


Go to sport and active learning to watch PE Dave's latest video.