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Monday 15th June


Early morning task


Year 3

Can I measure length?


For the next couple of weeks, you will be learning about the measure of length. In today's lesson you will be learning to measure length.

Click on the link below to watch the video. Try to answer the questions on the video and do the challenge.


The worksheet for this lesson and the answers are saved for you. If you want an extra challenge, I have also saved some more questions. 

Year 4

Can I  use measures of length?


The lessons from National Oak academy are quite challenging this week as they are using decimals and fractions and we didn't cover decimals in school together.

If you think the problems are too challenging this week, please do the maths I have set for Year 3 on length instead which will be helpful revision and consolidation. You will be taught about decimals when you return to school so you don't need to worry.


Click on the link below to get to today's lesson. Work through the quiz and video. You will be revising periods of time in the first section then go on to learn about fractions of a meter. Work through the problems as far as you can. As last week the challenge is quite tricky.


Can I identify the features of a leaflet / brochure?


This week, we will be reading and thinking about the organisation and purpose of the Upham school brochure. I have saved a copy of this below. In today's lesson, I would like you to read through the brochure and answer the questions below.


What is the purpose of the brochure?

Who is the audience?

What sections are in the brochure? 

How is the information organised? 


Choose one page.

How is this organised?

What features help the reader gain information?




Can I spell words spelt ch with a sh sound ?


There are several words in the document below. I would like you to read all the words aloud. 

Then sort the words into 3 groups, those which the ch has a ch phoneme; those with ch with a k phoneme  and those where the ch has the sh phoneme.


Topic- Geography

Can I use grid references?


Click on the link below and watch the video about maps skills. It is about 11 minutes long and will recap what you have learnt about map symbols and compass directions and teach you about scale and grid references.


Next go to the Ordnance survey website and read about grid references:


Read the Powerpoint presentation saved below


Try the quiz below (the first 2 questions are 4 figure grid references -which is all you need to know but you can have a go at the 6 figure grid references on the next 3 questions if you want to)


Finally there are two activities saved below. The answers are on the document so you can mark your work. You can do either or both worksheets.