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Can I write an explanation about the success of the Roman army?


Today you will be using your notes and those gathered in the lesson yesterday to start an explanation about why the Roman army were so successful. Mrs Lambert has typed up all the facts that you shared in the Teams lesson yesterday, which are saved in a document at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much for all your hard work researching the information and to everyone who shared their ideas both on the camera and in the chat bar. Great work Class 3 smiley.


In the lesson today, I would like you to write a title, a short introduction and your first 2 paragraphs about Weapons and equipment and organisation. Look back at the way the information page you read on Monday afternoon is organised. 

You can choose to hand write or type this piece of writing. 


Here is a list of success criteria to help you. Keep this work safe. We will be coming back to it next Monday (as we have lots of other things to fit in in the next couple of days!)


I create a good title. (I think about whether it would be a good idea to phrase the title as a question beginning with How… or Why….)


My introduction gives a clear general statement which is explained in the next paragraphs


I have information organised into paragraphs all about the same subject. Each has an appropriate sub-heading


I include some description to give detail when appropriate to interest the reader and/or help them understand more clearly.


I use a range of technical vocabulary


In my sentences I use a range of conjunctions including because, so, this causes, therefore