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Friday 10th April

Hi Class Four,

We have been so lucky with the weather since we broke up. Yesterday was so hot I was out in shorts and T-shirt with my suncream and sunhat on! I cleaned the worktops in the kitchen in the morning, but then you have to leave it for ages before you're allowed to put the oil on to protect it - so that's today's job. Then I went outside and did some more fence painting, I'm almost there now, just one more coat on the gates at the end of my garden which I'm hoping to do in between putting the coats of oil on the worktop today.

Fred was such a naughty cat yesterday. As you know, he's been getting to know the neighbours a bit too much the past couple of weeks - walking into their kitchens and eating their quiche/bacon sandwiches! My next door neighbour doesn't leave her kitchen door open now unless she's in there because he's such a rascal. Yesterday, she was out talking to me in the garden, kitchen door shut, when he decided he would just enter the kitchen a different way - see the pictures below! He is such an embarrassment!!!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine today. Remember - it is Friday today, which means e-mail day smiley I know you haven't been doing any official home learning this week, but it would still be lovely to hear from you and see how you are. What have you been up to? Are you still doing Joe Wicks? What other exercise have you been doing? Have you made anything/drawn anything/written anything/cooked anything that you'd like to share? Looking forward to hearing from you as I miss you all lots.

Love Miss Olver x

Here is a message from Mrs Soley:

Dear Class 4,

What a beautiful few days we've had!  Lovely to hear from those of you who have received your Easter cards from me and Miss Olver.  Mr Soley and I have managed to get out in the sunshine, either in our garden or for a good walk to stretch our legs.  I hope you've all been outside enjoying the weather and getting some exercise.  

For those of you listening to my bedtime story, just to let you know that I will be reading a book by Anthony Horowitz next called Return to Groosham Grange - a bit of a mystery!  Also I have ordered a couple of David Walliams' books which will hopefully arrive next week so one of those will be on the list.  

The second photo is, of course, Jacob.  His mummy decided he needed a castle to play in but as you can see, Timmy the cat has claimed it as his own.  She was trying to encourage Jacob to go through the tunnel which she recently bought him.  Unfortunately, he hasn't yet.  

I am planning to make the mini quiches today so that Mr Soley and I can have them for lunch as a picnic in our garden.  We also have some hot cross buns and will have some tasty, tiger rolls and will enjoy all of that in the lovely sunshine. Mr Soley was very naughty yesterday, he bought 2 Easter eggs when he went food shopping so he will be tucking into those this weekend.  Obviously, I shall refrain (yeah right) as I have crocheted my own eggs instead - see picture below.  

Have a lovely Easter weekend, I will catch up with you again next week after the Bank Holiday.  

Lots of Love

Mrs Soley xx

Activity 1

Today is Good Friday, which is the day when Jesus died on the cross. If we were at school, we would have had our Easter service yesterday and you would have helped to write a class prayer for the service. Perhaps you could write, or even just say in your head, a little prayer linked to Good Friday. What are you thankful for (this could be more general as well as in terms of Good Friday and Jesus' crucifixion)? What do you want to ask God for?


Activity 2

When I was looking for some art activities for you to have a go at over Easter, I came across these beautiful silhouette images. You could paint/colour the background first - watercolours or colouring pencils would probably be best for this if you have them. Then you can either paint/draw the black silhouette over the top, or cut it out of black paper and stick on top. There are a few ideas below you might like to imitate, or be more creative and do something of your own. Remember to send me a photo of anything you create.