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Friday 22nd January

Good morning Class 2!


Good morning Class 2 and happy Friday! I hope you've had a good week this week and enjoyed doing your learning. We've enjoyed seeing all of your work. What's been your favourite learning this week? I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend after working hard this week.


Today is a busy day like last week. This morning we have our PE lesson again at 11:00 this time. This was great fun last week so I hope you will join in again. I enjoyed running round finding things for the children to use as a line to walk along and finding things to balance on our heads! I hope you did too! This afternoon we will have our live Celebration Worship again at 1:30 so I hope to see many of you there.


Have a good day.


Love Mrs Pilgrim x

Good morning 22.1.21

Still image for this video


Let's remind ourselves of our 10 times table:

1 x 10 = 10

2 x 10 = 20

3 x 10 = 30

4 x 10 = 40

5 x 10 = 50

6 x 10 = 60

7 x 10 = 70

8 x 10 = 80

9 x 10 = 90

10 x 10 = 100

11 x 10 = 110

12 x 10 = 120


Practise saying it out loud. Now have a go at the below sheet where you will be asked to fill in the gaps in the 10 times table.

Year 1:

Today I would like you to choose a picture from my pictures and write a multiplication number sentence to go with it, like this:


5 x 2 = 10


See if you can do at least 4.

Year 2:


If you need to watch yesterday's video again then I have put the link below for you. I would then like you to complete the below sheet. If you are feeling confident please have a go at the problem solving sheet.

PE 11:00 am - 11:30 am


Like last week we will have our online PE session which I'm sure you'll agree was lots of fun last week but quite tricky too! It will be the same link as last week so find this in Parentmail. I will be doing it in school too!

For English today, you are going to have a go at writing the spelling sentence you have been practising. Click on the video below to hear Mrs Pilgrim reading out each spelling sentence.
How did you get on with your reading comprehension last Friday? Was it too easy, too hard or just about right?  I would like you to have a go at another one today. There are four different levels for you to choose from again. Make sure you adjust your level from last week if you need to!

Mighty Writing

Here is your Mighty Writing. Spend some time over the weekend talking about and preparing for your Mighty Writing lesson on Monday.


Click on the link below to Phonics Play website. Due to the current school closure, Phonics Play are offering all of their online games for free! You can log in with the following details: username: jan21 password: home

Chose a game to play for your phonics warm up today! Year 1s, choose either Phase 3, 4 or 5 if you want a challenge. Year 2s, choose Phase 5.

Year 1:

This week we have been learning different pronunciations for the letter 'y'. We have learnt that the letter 'y' can make the following sounds:


'igh' sound like in the words: fly, by, my

'ee' sound like in the words: happy, very, funny

'i' sound like in the words: gym, pyramid


Click on the document below. There are lots of words with different 'y' pronunciations. You could cut the cards up and sort them into piles. Or you could colour the words with the same 'y' in the same colour.

Now choose one word from each pile to include in a sentence.

Year 2:

This week we are learning about verbs and also about present and past tense. Click on the Power Point below. It explains how we add -ed to different verbs to change them from the present tense to the past tense.

Now have a look at the activity sheets below. There are three different levels for you to choose from:

Cooking with Miss Newton

Hello Everyone,

The ingredients you will need for baking today is:


You may like to find some things for you to decorate your gingerbread with. I am going to use some icing sugar and sprinkles to decorate mine.


The recipe I am using this week can be found here:


Please click on my video below to see what you need to do.  I look forward to seeing what you have made and can I just say I am so proud of you all. It has honestly made me so proud to see what you have all made, well done to all our Super Star Bakers.


Love From Miss Newton


Gingerbread Part 1

You need to leave your dough in the fridge for ten minutes or longer if you like. I have popped a timer on here for you so you know when 10 minutes has passed. 

Perhaps you may like to draw a design for your gingerbread before you make it. Here is a template or you can draw your own.

Gingerbread Man Outline

10 Minute Countdown Timer with Music for Kids!

10 Minute Countdown Timer with Music for Kids! This is an awesome 10 minute timer for children, kids, and adults! Countdown Timer with music for classroom, p...

Gingerbread part 2

This video explains the next step. WARNING - Very sticky dough! My dough was very sticky so I added some more flour and kneaded it in.

Here are my finished Gingerbread men. I managed to find a gingerbread man shape after I finished my video! I forgot I had bought a new set of cutters that were in a different draw. 

My Children really enjoyed decorating them. I look forward to seeing yours.

Love From Miss Newton

Spelling Sentences


Here are this weeks Spelling Sentences to learn for next week (Friday 29th January).


Story time with Miss Newton. Today I am reading one of my daughters favourite book Owen from when she was little. I hope you enjoy it.