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Tuesday 26th January

Good Morning Class 2!


Hi Class 2,


I'm missing seeing you all so much! I hope you are all ok and that you are working hard at home. I love reading all of your emails and seeing all of the amazing learning that you are doing. Have a look in our Class 2 gallery (click on the tree on our Class 2 home page) to see if your work is in there.  I am really enjoying seeing some of you for Guided Reading too. Yesterday I saw Felicity, Joseph Bangs, Emi and Jack!

Next Tuesday, I want to do a whole class story session. We are going to try using Google Classroom instead of Teams for this. You might have spotted the new link on our Class 2 page! Mr Woolley will send you a Parent Mail later this week explaining how to log onto Google Classroom. I hope to see all of you then! If it works well, we might switch to using this for our Guided Reading sessions too.

I have put Tuesday's Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge on here. It sounds really fun! Try and have a go at these daily challenges at home.

Bye for now!


Mrs Sothcott


Yesterday we had a go at describing the gingerbread house in the story of Hansel and Gretel. How did you get on? Did you use lots of adjectives to describe what you could see, smell and taste? Today we are going to edit our work from yesterday and then write a little bit more. Remember, you can use a green or another coloured pen for your editing.


I would like you to think about the following things when you are editing:


1. Have you remembered a full stop at the end of each sentence?

2. Have you remembered a capital letter at the beginning of each new sentence?

3. Have you used your tricky word mat and sound mat to help you spell words correctly?

4. Have you used lots of adjectives to describe?

5. Year 2s, I would also like you to have a go at using a simile. Watch my video from yesterday again to remind you what a simile is.


Watch the video below to see me edit my sentences:

Editing Gingerbread Description

When you have finished editing, I would like to spend 10 more minutes writing some more of your description. Remember to email me when you are finished!



Yesterday in Maths I asked you to find 20 objects and share them equally into groups. How many ways were you able to do this? Did you notice anything? What would happen if I try and share 20 objects into 3 groups?

Here are my 20 multilink and 3 trays to share them into. Watch me try to share them.

Sharing 20 multilink into 3 groups

Year 1: 


Today you are carrying on with sharing objects into equal groups to build your confidence. I have made some division sharing cards for you to use today. They will tell you how many objects to share and how many groups to share them into. 

Year 2:

If you need a bit more practice of what you were doing yesterday to build your confidence you may like to use the division sharing cards to help you. Maybe do 3 or 4. Then move on to the below sheet. Please watch the video below to help you.


Year 1:

Yesterday we revised the sound 'ou' as in the word 'found'. Today we are going to learn that 'ou' can make another sound in some words. Click on the video below for your phonics lesson:

'ou' as in 'shoulder'

Year 2:

Over the next couple of days we are going to revise using capital letters and full stops. You all know how to use capital letters and full stops but sometimes, in your writing, you forget! 

We are going to start with capital letters. 

First, let's practice forming our capital letters correctly. The red dot and arrow show you where to start each letter:
Click below for a lesson all about capital letters. There is a video, a quiz and two quick activities:

Mrs Hayward's Ice Decoration Challenge



Find somewhere quiet to curl up with a book or log onto Bug Club. Have you got a favourite reading spot at home? I would love to see a photo of you reading in your favourite reading spot! I would like you to read for at least 15 minutes.  You could read to a grown up or independently. If you read by yourself, make sure a grown up asks you some questions about what you have read! 


Now click below to watch Mrs Hayward read a story for you: