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Monday 18th January

Good morning Class Four, here is a little morning message from me:
A lovely bit of weekend DIY!
This week our School Games Organiser has sent us a new set of challenges to work through. I hope you're enjoying taking part in these.
Don't forget that Joe will be back for his PE session at 9am this morning!


This week in Maths we will be learning how to use the short division method.

Start by working through the Short Division lesson on the Oak Academy website.

Next I would like you to practise using the short method to divide. In school, I often have different coloured sheets at the front for you to choose from depending on how confident you are feeling. The sheets below are very similar.

There are 3 options:

If you are not feeling very confident, try the 2 digit division sheet.

If you are feeling ok, try the 3 digit division sheet.

If you are feeling very confident, try the 4 digit division sheet.

If you start a sheet and feel it isn't the right one, don't worry, just choose a different one. There are lots of questions on each worksheet, so try your best and please don't worry if you don't complete them all.

The questions are on Page 1 of each document with the answers on Page 2.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the short division reasoning task below. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

10am Live Assembly

Mr Woolley will be doing a live assembly on Teams at 10am. Your parents will have been sent the link on Parent Mail so ask them to help you get set up. I will be joining from school.


Our silent writing task this week is based on The Hero Twins myth which you read with Mrs Soley last week. Start by either watching the video again or reading the myth yourself to remind you what it was about.

For your silent writing task this week, I would like you to write a diary entry in character based on the myth. 

Today, I would like you to plan your diary entry so that you are ready to write it tomorrow. Work through the planning sheet below. I have included lots of tips and ideas to help you with this.

Topic - Geography

In our last topic lesson, we looked at where the Mayans lived. We looked at where Central America is on a world map and then found the five main countries within Central America that the Mayans lived in.

Maps are often broken down into squares known as grids. This helps people to locate places quickly.

Today you are going to learn about four-figure grid references. I think you will enjoy this activity as it is a bit like co-ordinates!

Start by working through the Powerpoint below.

Next, work through the Mayan Grid Reference Task below where you will need to identify the four-figure grid reference for some of the important Mayan cities.

The activity is on Page 1 with the answers on Page 2.

If you want an extra challenge, have a go at the Treasure Hunt activity below. This will require you to use your grid reference skills from today, but also compass direction skills and reading the scale on a map.

The activity is on Page 1 with the answers on Page 2.


Today we are going to start by revising the spelling rule we were working on last week: 'i before e except after c' when the letters make the sound 'ee'.

Then we will be looking at a new rule.

Work through the Powerpoint below.

Next have a go at the spelling worksheet below and if you have time, you could also do the wordsearch.
Here are your spelling sentences ready for your test on Friday (22nd). Start practising them today.