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Tuesday 5th May

Good morning Class Four,

I hope you had a good first day of the week with your learning yesterday. Thank you to those people who sent me emails to catch up from last week - it's great to see the amazing work you are doing at home, keep it up!

I had a busy day working on the house again yesterday. All the rooms are almost there now, but there's lots of finishing off jobs to do. I painted some wood primer on the skirting and door in the kitchen and the door in the lounge. They need one more coat of primer before I can do the gloss painting (which is probably my least favourite DIY job!). It took quite a while but it's looking brighter already. Hopefully I can do the second coat of primer tomorrow. I've put up some pictures today of the lounge - before and after, now that it's almost finished. I've just got to save up for some new flooring now. Another bit of DIY inspiration for you!!! You might notice that the window at the back of the lounge is now a set of patio doors - this is because the removal company couldn't physically get my piano or cooker into the house through the front or back door, so we had to knock through the wall and put these doors in to get them in!

I phoned my Gran for quite a while in the afternoon. She's stuck at home all the time but is keeping busy by doing lots of knitting - she's currently making tiny clothes for babies who are born too early to give to the hospitals as it is very difficult to buy clothes that small. It was really nice to talk to her as I haven't seen her since Christmas and was hoping to visit her in the Easter holidays.

I hope you all have a good day today. I really hope you enjoy Mrs Soley's art lesson this afternoon - don't forget that this is one of the pieces of work I have asked you to send to me this week. Mrs Soley can also access the Class 4 email and loves to see what you are up to.

Love Miss Olver x

Yesterday's PE with Joe session was so hard! But I can see the progress I am making because I managed to do 2 more squats and 2 more burpees than the last time we did the fitness challenge (my push ups stayed the same). I felt sorry for his wife though - what a tricky session to have to do for the first time, she did so well!


It's Tuesday today, which means Times Tables test day! If you still have a test in your pack, then work through this today. If not, you can find the one you need on the Maths Help section of the Class Four website. Give yourself 5 minutes to complete the test. I have put all the answers to the times tables tests up in the Maths Help folder as well so you can now mark them yourself.


Year 5

Today you are going to be continuing with your work on decimals, focusing on subtracting numbers which are smaller than 1. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 5 website and find Summer Term Week 1, Lesson 2 which is called ‘Subtracting Decimals Within 1’. Watch the video and work through the worksheet. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

Question 7 on the worksheet is quite tricky, so I've taken a photo of how I would work it out. You might want to have a look at this if you get a bit stuck.

If you have time, or would like an extra challenge, have a go at the extension sheet which has some problems on it, similar to the pink ones we do in class at the end of a lesson. The last one of these is a bit tricky, so if you get stuck, have a look at the answers as I have shown how I would work this out.

Year 6

Today you are going to be continuing to work on angles from yesterday. Go to the White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 6 website and find Week 2, Lesson 5 which is called ‘Calculate Angles’. Watch the video and work through the worksheet. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.

Remember these important facts:

  • Angles in a straight line add up to 180° (This will help with Q1-3).
  • Angles in a circle/full turn add up to 360°.
  • An angle drawn as a square represents a right angle, which is 90°.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a protractor, just skip question 1 and start from question 2.

I have shown my workings for Questions 7 and 8 as they are quite tricky – so if you get stuck, have a look and see if this helps you to understand it.

If you have time, or want an extra challenge, have a go at the questions on the extension sheet. On the final question, you will need to know one more angles fact – angles in a triangle add up to 180°. I have attached the answers so you can check your work.


Remember to make an entry into your diary/journal at some point today.


In today’s session, I would like you to do your silent writing task. You can choose if you do your writing by hand in your book or on a computer. You will have tomorrow’s session to finish, edit and improve your writing, so don’t rush it today.

For each option, here are some things to think about:


Option 1 – Diary Entry

  • Remember that a diary entry is written in an informal tone (this means it doesn’t sound posh, you can use contractions such as don’t and can’t) and in the first person (I, me, we).
  • There might be a mix of tenses. You might use the past tense to explain to the reader what has happened, present tense to describe how you are feeling right now and future tense to talk about what might happen next.
  • You might want to use some rhetorical questions to show the thoughts that are going through your mind.
  • Think carefully about your use of paragraphs. Remember that a paragraph is a group of sentences all about a similar idea or time period.


Option 2 – Newspaper Report

  • Remember that a newspaper report should be factual, written in a formal tone (this means it should sound quite posh, no contractions allowed!) and in the third person (he, she, they – you cannot say I, me or we unless it’s a quote).
  • A newspaper report is also written in the past tense because you are informing your reader about an event which has already happened.
  • Think about how you will lay out your work. Will you organise your work into columns like a real newspaper report? Will you include any pictures? If so, where?


Mrs Soley has planned another lovely Greek themed art activity for you today - enjoy smiley

How to Draw an Ancient Greek Theatre Mask Real Easy

Spellings and Reading

Practise your spelling sentences and do some independent reading of a book of your choice.