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Friday 12th February

Happy Friday Class Four - the last day before half term!

Here is a message from me:

Friday 12th February Morning Message

And here is a message from Mrs Soley - this has all the resources and ingredients you will need for the week after half term.


It's the final day of the virtual skipping challenge. Skip as many times as you can in 1 minute and record your score on the tracker.

Then make sure you send me your best score from the week so I can enter it into the competition!


Here is your challenge for the day - it's 'Feel Good Friday!'

If you have time today or over the weekend, you might want to have a go at this extra activity too - it is a bit like the murder mystery activities we do sometimes in Maths, so I think you will enjoy it.

It's fancy dress Friday! Last week's whoopee cushion did make me chuckle! I wonder what he will be today?! I'll be joining in with this at school today.


Today, you are going to be working on some chocolate themed word problems as it's Mayan chocolate week this week!

There are two options - both worksheets have the same questions on, but the 'easier' version has some prompts to help you work them out.

Work through each question carefully, show your workings clearly and then check your work.

Remember that worded problems need a worded answer.

11.30am PE Live

Southampton Football Club will be doing another live PE lesson for you to join in with at home today. Your parents should have been sent the link for this on Parentmail. I will be joining in with this at school today.


It is Friday today, which means spelling test day! I have made a video of your spelling test for you to use. Remember that you can pause/replay this as many times as you need to. Or you can ask an adult to read the sentences out for you. Then check your work.

Spelling Test 12/02/21

1.30pm Celebration Assembly Live

Mr Woolley will be holding his weekly celebration assembly today at 1.30pm on the Whole School Assembly link on Google Classroom. I'll be joining from school so hope to 'see' you there.


Mrs Soley has prepared another cooking lesson for you today. This time you will be making Mexican Chocolate Pudding Cake. It looks sooooo good! My mouth was watering when she sent me the recipe and photos! First watch the videos, then open the recipe and work through. Make sure you send us some pictures of your delicious creations.

Mexican chocolate puddle pudding cake

Mexican chocolate puddle pudding cake 2